How To Get Free Samples By Mail? A Complete Guide 2020-21

How To Get Free Samples By Mail? A Complete Guide 2020-21

Let me share my experience on how to get free samples by mail with no surveys, no catch, no strings attached. I know that you've heard about freebie sites and may have tried to find some freebies on the Internet. But everything is not so clear about this matter. So let's attempt to figure out what's the reason to send free samples first. And then, I would try to share with you the best practices to discover the real free samples.

Why companies send free samples?

Since childhood, everyone knows that there is nothing free in the world. And eventually, you would have to pay. However, that's not true as there are some situations when such an approach is commercially effective.

Let's imagine that you want to promote a new brand or a product no one heard about. What if you have no budget to compete with the industry giants. Nonetheless, your makeup or skincare products are of excellent quality. And to prove that, you might even decide to send some free samples to your potential buyers.

Since the competition is high in this segment of the market, you might try to submit your free stuff to some well-known freebie site. In such a case, you might get a database of potential consumers for your products at the speed of light. In other words, immediately.

By the way, such a way you could try to estimate the potential demand for your products. Even if you represent a well-known brand, it's an excellent practice to connect directly to your target audience.

Product testing panels

Some famous companies also offer free product samples to the beta testers. You may join the focus group and receive free samples of the products never seen on the market. A lot of famous companies, such as Adidas, Columbia, Nike, Under Armour, etc., would willingly send you free samples by mail, hoping that you send them feedback. Below, I would like to leave you a list of such product testing panel opportunities that you could explore it by yourself.

Free Sample Aggregators

Another way to get some free stuff is to join several product testing clubs, such as Mom's Meet, Social Nature, BzzAgent, and Home Tester Club, 0.8Liter.

To be honest, most freebie sites only forward you to such free samples aggregators. But don't think that freebie sites are useless. I would like to discuss such kind of site below.

But now, I want you to realize that there are some professional networks whose goal is to collect the target audience and send free samples to potential buyers. Be sure, they send free samples at no cost since their expenses are always covered by the product manufacturers.

The best thing in all of that is that you have a chance to get access to exclusive samples which are not presented in the US and UK markets at all. Below, I'd like to share with you some links to these sites.

The List of Free Sample Aggregators:

Free Product Samples From Little Known Brands

As mentioned above, some brands are too new or little known that they send free samples directly. However, in such a case, they could ask you to pay shipping fees. The problem is that you're unable to find such free offers by yourself. A sad fact, but Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) made such a way that you see the websites concerning the number of the backlinks. Even if you somehow learned the brand name, it doesn't give you a guarantee that you might find it in Google TOP10.

Thus, even if you'd try to find such companies by yourself, most likely, you would wast your time. That's why I'd recommend you take a look at some freebie sites.

Freebie Sites

I know that the first thing you could do to find freebie sites is just typing in google "free samples," "free stuff," "free samples by mail," "freebies," etc. A sad fact, but all the best freebie sites are hidden from your eye. As mentioned above, the Google algorithm works in such a way that it calculates the number of backlinks.

The freebie niche is very old. There are a lot of websites that started working back in 1996, the time when no one knew about Google. Do you remember Yahoo, Lycos, or Alta Vista? These search engines appeared yet before Google. Why is it important? The primary issue is that these sites launched beck in 1996 have much more backlinks compared to new freebie sites. As a result, even despite they look old school, they have the best places in Google TOP 100.

In other words, if some good guy launches a freebie site, he must compete with these sites that have millions of backlinks. That's why you can't find them. I would like to live you some links to little known freebie sites. My wife provided me these links to assist me in such complicated research.

Free Samples Links Send by Email

Finally, I'll give you a hint on how to get free samples by mail, don't even searching for them. Most freebie sites allow you to subscribe to their newsletters. Don't worry! If you sign up for the notification emails on the website I mentioned in the previous section, you will never receive spam. The guy or company that stands behind it sends ten links to freebies almost every day. I suppose, sometimes he has weekends. Also, I would like to recommend some UK freebie sites who also have a great mailing list.

Why do I recommend such a method to get freebie links? It's simple. As a rule, most free sites spread the same free offers. Usually, no more than ten freebies appear per day. Thus, it doesn't matter which freebie site is your favorite, you no doubt, will receive the same links. So your goal is just to pick the freebie site you want and subscribe to its mailing list. As a result, you will receive the list consisting of ten free samples every day. All you need to do is only check your email once a day.

Freebie Scam

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sites, having a goal of just using your data. I would recommend you such offers that locate at Google Forms or Microsoft offer forms, as well as these that host on non-US (UK, EU) hosting. It's not too easy to recognize spammers. However, I'll give you a hint. As a rule, these guys who want to steal your data don't invest money in design and usability. So, if the website looks suspicious if you feel it, no doubt, it's a scammer. Always use common sense, especially, when you're trying to find something for free.

By the way, have you ever heard about the HTTPS Protocol? I bet it's a new world for you. If you see in the Google Chrome browser the mark "not secure" at the left of the URL, this site is not secure. Don't trust such sites, and never fill in the forms located on them. It's a primary rule while you're seeking freebies.


I don't want to advertise some projects, and I don't want to call someone a scammer. My goal is just to provide you a hint on how to find free samples by mail. The crucial thing is that there is no problem to receive some free stuff right to your mailbox. There is nothing to fear. Use this guide and your common sense, and you will never stumble upon a scrapper. My wife and I checked all the links that I gave you in this article are. But still, check everything twice.

Good luck! I hope that you'll find tons of freebies. I would try to share some more data about some particular types of freebies, such as free catalogs and magazines, free incontinence and adult diaper samples, etc.