The List of Four Simple Rules To Have A Flat Stomach

The List of Four Simple Rules To Have A Flat Stomach

A flat, beautiful belly is the dream of all fitness enthusiasts. It is no secret that this zone is one of the most problematic. How to influence it?

Remember: even if you have never trained, you have abs, but they can be hidden under the fat layer. Our goal is to reduce the percentage of fat so that it shows up.

1. Don't pump your abs every day

Remember: the stomach will not shrink from abs exercises. There are no miracles, and there are no exercises that will remove fat from the local area. When losing weight, fat "goes" throughout the body. Strength and cardio training for the whole body will make the stomach flat much faster than hundreds of twists on the press!

2. Create a calorie deficit

As I said above, there is no local weight loss. Instill a culture of proper nutrition. It is very difficult to exceed the daily calorie allowance if your menu does not include fried and flour, as well as refined products "loaded" with sugar. To remove fat, including on the stomach, you need an adequate calorie deficit. And the food must be balanced! Unfortunately, there is no other way.

3. Watch your posture

We often underestimate the impact of correct posture, although it is very significant. The correct position of the spine helps visually make the stomach flatter. Straighten your shoulders and draw in your stomach every time you find yourself slouching. It seems to me that the best training for improving posture is Pilates, but you can not underestimate the useful influence of other mind Body directions: yoga, stretching.

4. Strengthen your internal abdominal muscles

Different muscles are responsible for a strong press and a flat stomach. Since we are more interested in the second point, we will talk about the transverse abdominal muscle. To train it, make a "vacuum" and various versions of the bar. It is important to perform press exercises at a slow pace; this will increase the level of involvement of the internal abdominal muscles.

Need a rough training plan for a week to take a step towards a flat stomach? Below is one of the schedule options:


  • Monday-LAB
  • Tuesday-yoga
  • Wednesday — Make Body or FT
  • Thursday-Total Stretch or Body Balance
  • Friday-Core or Express Torso
  • Saturday-Pilates
  • Sunday is a day off


  • Monday-Power Training or FT
  • Tuesday-yoga or Express ABS
  • Wednesday-Pilates, Total Stretch or Body Balance
  • Thursday-Power Training, FT or Make Body
  • Friday-yoga or Core
  • Saturday-Body Combat or FT
  • Sunday is a day off