A Sad Story Of The Great Dennis Rodman; His Net Worth Is Just About $500K

A Sad Story Of The Great Dennis Rodman; His Net Worth Is Just About $500K

Dennis Rodman will win any ranking of the most shocking and crazy athletes by a wide margin. A five-time NBA champion, 7-time League-best rebounder, a dominant monster on rebounds, and one of the best defensive players in basketball history — all of this makes Rodman a great and legendary athlete.

Fantastically, Dennis is both an example of purposefulness and sloppiness. He played on the best teams, had a lot of women running after him, and the media was all over him, but now it seems old Rodman, who turned 59 in May, is left with a broken heart.

The history of the NBA knows a lot of examples when successful players who received fabulous money, went bankrupt and turned into outright bums like Delonte West, hanging out on the street without a penny in his pocket.

The financial question once again touched Dennis Rodman the other day, when news of the death of his father appeared. Philander Rodman has long lived in the Philippines, where, according to the calculations of American journalists, he had 29 children from 16 different women. One of his daughters asked Dennis for financial assistance to organize their father's funeral. The second one started a special Twitter account with a similar wish.

Rodman Sr. went to the best of worlds at 79 and did not communicate with the star son for most of his life (to be exact, from 1970 to 2012). Moreover, even at the Hall of the Fame induction ceremony, Dennis did not mention his father, saying that he simply did not have one. Fortunately, a little over a year later, he and his father met and reconciled. But this does not mean that Rodman Jr. will still send money to the funeral.

Although his years in the NBA and sporting fame had made him a millionaire, it was always assumed that the unique defensive specialist was grossly underpaid. And this was true, due to the extremely difficult character of Dennis. In fact, he was paid good money only after moving from the Detroit Pistons to the Chicago Bulls. It was alongside Michael Jordan that Rodman earned almost two-thirds of the total amount of all his League contracts in three years. In the 1996/1997 season, he was even one of the ten highest-paid players in the NBA.

During his entire basketball career, Rodman earned just over $ 26 million ($44 million when adjusted for inflation). A decent amount that could easily pay dividends if used correctly. But the logic in financial management is not about our hero. Only in 1997, according to various estimates, Rodman missed a million dollars due to a scuffle with the referee, who flew from an angry basketball player. As a result, in addition to the fine, the League disqualified him for 11 matches for which he did not receive a salary.

Rodman's love of alcohol is another significant blow to the wallet. In the acclaimed documentary "The Last Dance," the forward's banter is given a separate place. If anyone doesn't know, then Dennis asked Phil Jackson to leave for a few days in Las Vegas right during the season. In one of these rampant trips, he was accompanied by model and actress Carmen Electra, and Michael Jordan personally came to pick up the "green serpent."

In many stories with Rodman, there is, however, a very bright moment about which few people know. Dennis always helped the homeless. No social programs or cameras with correspondents. He just came up and gave me money.

As early as 1990, when Rodman was still far from making a lot of money, he took cash out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless. The New York Times was surprised by the basketball player's actions and called them "generous."

"Returning with teammates from a popular restaurant in Chicago, Rodman saw a homeless woman with children. She asked him for a dollar or two for food. He gave her a lot more, "the times described the details.

"I had 250 bucks in my pocket. I gave all my money to the homeless. If I had a thousand, I would have given it back, too. Many people are more worthy of this money. Some have no homes and live on the streets. I'm just lucky that I have what I have now," the basketball player modestly described his act.

Rodman has had more than one affair with celebrities, including Madonna and Carmen Electra. In financial terms, his marriage to Michelle Moyer, who gave birth to a son, proved fatal for him. Moyer and Rodman officially divorced in 2012. The case went to trial. Rodman still owed Moyer $ 800,000 in child support. Dennis's net worth for 2020, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is just $ 500,000. That is, Rodman almost completely impoverished and squandered a huge multimillion-dollar fortune. It is worth considering that Dennis is being treated for alcohol addiction in a rehabilitation clinic, which is not so cheap. Rodman's capital will continue to decrease every year. So sending money to your father's funeral to your many Filipino relatives can be really problematic. Rodman has no choice but to make friends with ambiguous personalities like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

It is not known whether Dennis is just doing this or whether the North Korean leader is still paying him something for the opportunity to promote himself. In any case, Rodman's friendship with Kim Jong-UN does not save him from serious financial problems.

Dennis Rodman couldn't afford a full life. He lived fleetingly, forgetting that for today's night will be the next day. His NBA career was bright, his wins were high-profile, but he didn't seem to want to think about life after basketball.