Women's Thigh Tattoos: 125 of the Best

Women's Thigh Tattoos: 125 of the Best ...

Thigh tattoos are steadily increasing in popularity among women who like the artistic expression of cool tattoo designs, but who still want the ability to cover them in professional or formal settings. There are a few beautiful thigh tattoo concepts that are better suited than others.

Women may be able to find and get a unique leg tattoo by learning more about different kinds of female thigh tattoos. From huge flower thigh tattoos to small and simple designs for the side, back, and upper thigh, here are the best thigh tattoos for women.


Thigh Tattoo Designs: The Best

The first thing to consider when getting a thigh tattoo is the actual design itself. Many women prefer feminine tattoos with flowers, butterflies, hearts, mandalas, colorful drawings, and cute animals, but others prefer badass thigh tattoo designs with skulls, dragons, elephants, and wolves in black, grey, and white colors.

Flower tattoo designs are by far the most popular, and this is especially true of rose tattoo designs. Some women tattoo a single large flower on their thighs for a minor design, but others prefer a large flower tattoo that covers the upper, lower, and outer thigh areas.

The majority of women have thigh tattoo designs that extend from just above the hip bone to about the middle part of the outer thigh. They may also tattoo the lower part of the thigh, or any combination of the front, back, and side.

Dragons in China are an excellent example of this. You might consider locating the dragons head on your outer thigh and allowing it to wrap around your leg as it descends toward your knee.

A second important consideration is the color of your thigh tattoo. Ladies may choose something more afloat, such as a lovely 3D model, or go for something different and flirty, such as a lace tattoo that wraps around your entire upper thigh in the same spot as you would normally place a garter.

Tribal designs are also popular, particularly tribal animals with thin black lines. Simple thigh tattoos are stylish and hot, with the idea that less is more. However, if you want your thigh tattoo to be truly distinctive, you may design it with lots of color.

Lastly, it is important to consider how serious thigh tattoos may be. While thigh tattoos can vary in severity, most women tend to agree that the inner thigh, the area just above the hip, and tattoos that extend to the front or back of the knees are by far more painful.

The thigh joint area is also quite sensitive, therefore it is important to keep this in mind. If irritation is severe, a tattoo artist can usually apply some soothing lotion to the area to relieve pain.

Thigh Tattoo Ideas: Cute Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Thigh tattoos for women come in many different sizes, colors, and styles, and they can be anything from simple and inexpensive to large and small to create your very own thigh tattoo.

Here are some of our favorite women's leg tattoos, from stunning upper thigh tattoos to adorable designs on your side, back, outer, and lower thigh!

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