The 101 Best Men's Angel Tattoos

The 101 Best Men's Angel Tattoos ...

A guardian angel tattoo can have many different meanings, including strength, beauty, innocence, prayer, and remembrance. Here's why you may want to get a cool guardian angel tattoo.

A religious angel tattoo can invoke Christian beliefs and God's presence in your life, as well as offering spiritual protection and guidance. A wings tattoo on the back is also popular imagery, although a praying guardian angel tattoo can be equally impressive on a large canvas such as the chest, back, shoulder, or arm.

When a tattoo design is of a warrior angel or the angel of death, angel tattoos can also have a completely different meaning, such as rebellion, pain, or suffering. The warrior angel tattoo can represent a personal source of strength and inspiration to overcome life's difficulties or to repel Satans temptation.

Final, there are certainly badass angel designs that depict the duality of men and their internal demons. Instead of the classic angel as a protector, guys will get an angel of death tattoo, a black angel or one that is crying. Both represent humanity's light and dark side, or god vs the devil.

After picking out the look you want, it's time to personalize it with styling and color. Black and grey or black and white tattoos are the most common, although colorful depictions can be fantastic.

Just keep in mind that a small guardian angel tattoo can be equally as powerful as a large biblical drawing, and that simple designs that are innovative and high-quality can be appropriate for certain body parts.

Finally, youll want to consider placement. Whether you want an angel back, chest, arm, shoulder, sleeve, forearm, hand, wrist, or leg tattoo, remember to pick an idea that fits the area of the body.

Cool AngelTattoo Designs

These are my favorite angel tattoo designs. Be inspired by these cool angel wings tattoos and guardian angel tattoo designs. These amazing images will inspire you to envision different designs on your body and give you new tattoo ideas.

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