If you can't, here's how to make a bear

If you can't, here's how to make a bear ...

If youre reading this, chances are you cannot grow a beard. And, unfortunately for you, some men just can't grow beards no matter how hard they try. They research how to grow facial hair in hopes of discovering a secret medication or vitamin they can take to begin growing a thick beard.

Below, we discuss the reasons why you may never be able to grow a beard, and the factors that may compel you to do so. Also, we show you exactly what steps you should take to grow a beard if you cant, including strategies for achieving a thicker beard quicker.

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Why Are Some Men unable to Form Beards?

If you can't grow a beard, that doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. In fact, facial hair growth is a very complex topic that may not have anything to do with your health. To simplify things, here are three key factors that are most important when it comes to deciding whether or not to grow a beard.

It's a somewhat unfortunate fact that beard growth is heavily dependent on your genetic makeup. Not only can your genes determine whether or not you can grow facial hair, but they can also influence how much, how thick, and where your facial hair grows!

Most males have about the same amount of testosterone in their bodies, but studies have shown that men with long beards are more receptive to testosterone, thus developing thicker, fuller beards quicker! Simply put, not being able to grow a beard has to do with genetics, assuming you are completely healthy.

Nevertheless, guys who cant bear to grow beards may find relief in the fact that, men who are more sensitive to testosterone, are also more likely to lose their hair and become bald. Its no wonder bald men with beards are on the rise.

If your genetics isn't the problem, age is another possibility that might enrage you that all men can grow beards. Given that most guys finish puberty and stop growing around the age of 21, many men are misled that facial hair growth should reach its peak at that same age. Instead, your beards growth rate will peak at 30 years of age, although some researchers believe it continues to increase the longer you live.

Don't give up if youre under the age of 25 and have only grown a tiny patch of stubble in a few weeks. Will you ever develop a beard? Sure. Just be patient and don't let nature take its course.

A lack of testosterone in your body, as a result of poor diet, poor exercise, or stunted hormone function, is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of poor beard growth.

Change your lifestyle can help your body increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels. For example, studies demonstrate that weight lifting can increase testosterone levels, while a healthy diet and adequate rest can help ensure your facial hair grows at its strongest rate.

Beard Growth: Other Factors

When it comes to facial hair growth, there are three factors that are the most important. In brief, these are:

  • Lack of sleep, which may stunt testosterone production
  • Skin conditions, such as alopecia (when your immune system attacks hair follicles)
  • Drug consumption
  • Damaged skin

If you cant, here's how to get a bearded.

If your genetics aren't the issue, here are a few suggestions on how to grow a beard quicker. Ultimately, if you are capable of growing a full beard but cannot, the problem is with bad lifestyle habits.

Even those who are just 30 shouldnt be concerned about unfavorable beard growth yet. And if youre still in your teens or 20s, be patient during the process. Give yourself at least a month or several weeks in case it just takes your body longer than others.

Improving your lifestyle, from eating to sleep to stress relief, is sure to boost your chances of developing a real beard. Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep every night to boost hormone production.

Certain nutrients and benefits are essential for healthy skin, nails, and hair growth. While VitaBeard is one such dietary supplement marketed to men who want to grow a beard thicker and faster, any quality multivitamin offers all of the same nutrients and benefits at a fraction of the price.

If you've tried everything and nothing works, you may want to see a doctor. The right doctor may be qualified to diagnose whether your facial hair lack is due to a skin condition, hormonal imbalance, or simply genetics.

Beards are possible to grow.

From your genetics to your lifestyle, there may be a variety of reasons why you cannot grow a beard. Plus, improving your health can help you grow a beard at the best rate for your body. And if all else fails, enjoy your soft skin.

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