Beards: The Best Beards in Hollywood 15 Actors

Beards: The Best Beards in Hollywood 15 Actors ...

Bearded actors arent a new phenomenon, although it is striking how the bearded appearance has spread like wildfire throughout Hollywood. Nowadays, male celebrities are growing out whatever facial hair they can get. From Leo DiCaprios full beard to Johnny Depps goatee to Kit Haringtons stubble, bearded actors are styling what real men have grown and groomed for decades!


Best Hollywood Beards

Check out these trendy male actors with facial hair for the best beards in Hollywood! We wanted to include a lot of different bearded celebrities to give you the most helpful information on how to style, trim, and groom your new appearance!

Beard, Chris Pine

Beard of Kit Harington

Beard of George Clooney

Beard of Hugh Jackman

Beard, Joe Manganiello

Beard, Jared Leto

Channing Tatum Beard

Beard, Chris Evans

Daniel Craig Beard is a well-known tennis player.

Chris Pratt Beard is a British author.

Beard of Bradley Cooper

Beard of Ben Affleck

Beard, Chris Hemsworth

Dwayne Johnson Beard is a professional basketball player.

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