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WeTrade to participate in World Internet Conference 2021

WeTrade to participate in World Internet Conference 2021

In response to the World Internet Conference, Sept. 15 - 2021, We Trade Group Inc. (NYSE: WETG), a leading technical service provider for enterprises, announced that it would attend the 2022 World Trade Conference (W

WIC is an international event every year. The summit, which was first held in 2014, is a platform for global tech leaders to discuss internet issues and policies. It attracts Chinese and international entrepreneurs such as Alibaba's Jack Ma, Tencent'' Pony Ma and Apple Representatives of enterprises and research institutes gather in Wuzhen to showcase latest products and technologies in block chain, AI, cloud-computing, big data and cybersecurity. The 2021 WIC will take place from Sept. 25 to 28 on the latest developments and the cutting-edge technologies of the Internet, and aims to create a platform for cooperation and exchange between global digital economy, industry through product launch

It's the second year since Wetrade was invited to attend the WIC. The company's stand at the exhibition booth is on the booth. The Internet Expo is light with the light of the Internet. WIC last year attracts an enormous crowd of people, including Chinese officials, media and other participants. Wetrade will showcase its latest research and development of the pioneering YCloud system, successful partnership stories and technological achievements of its e-commerce SAAS services under the age of digital transformation.

Since it was founded in 2019, wetrade has committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the micro-business in digital transformation and building the Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) business operation mode. Since then, the YCloud system was embedded in a number of partners' social e-commerce platforms, including Zhiding, Yuetao, Best Goods in the Neighborhood, Daren, Zhongyans

Recently, Wetrade signed partnership agreement with a number of ticket agents of the Universal Studio Beijing Resort. The agreement allows the ticket agent to buy the theme park for a fee of $600.

Wetrade has been recognized by the industry by winning a series of awards including 2020 Top 100 China Social E-Commerce, 2020 Most Influential Smart Ecommerce Service Brands, 2021 Top 10 China Enterprises of Science and Technology Innovation.

About WeTrade Group Inc.

WeTrade Group Inc. is a leading technical service provider of sas and cloud intelligent system for micro-businesses. It is the pioneering internationalized system in the global microbusiness cloud intelligence field and leader, innovator WeTrade Group developed a cloud-based intelligent system (Abbreviation: YCloud). YCloud can use analytics and a big data analysis to strengthen users' marketing and CPS commission profit management. The payment can also help increase the revenue generation by multi-channel data statistics, AI fission and management, and supply chain systems. As of now, YCloud's business has successfully landed in China and Hong Kong, covering the micro-business, tourism, hospitality industry, livestreaming and short video industry and aesthetic medical industry. For more information, please visit

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