35 Sexy Black Hair with Highlights

35 Sexy Black Hair with Highlights ...

Highlights on dark hair are beautiful and are a popular trend right now. From light or dark brown to blonde, caramel, ombre, platinum, copper, and burgundy, there are many options to consider when it comes to wearing dark hair and highlights.


Best Black Hair Highlights

In theory, blonde highlights add a subtle dimension to black hair, as well as a lightening glow. This is ideal for women who want to experiment with a new hair color without having to bleach the entire head.

Caramel highlights can add a warm sheen and depth to your locks, particularly when the color is added as an ombre. Use heavier highlights on the bottom and less as you work your way to the roots to look sweeter.

Consider blonde ombre highlights that span from the root to the tip of your black hair. The lightness should complement your facial features and add new life to your natural color. Gradually deepen the highlight to honor and embrace the ombre style. The result: a style that looks sun-kissed and beautiful, effortlessly.

Brown highlights can elevate your black hair to a new level. Dark and light brown highlights complement your dark hair, while adding a sexy shimmer. Caramel and chocolate brown streaks can also make a bolder fashion statement.

Platinum highlights on black hair are a great color combination, although maintaining the color requires a lot of maintenance, and platinum highlights may be an expensive upgrade. Ask your stylist to begin the platinum coloring at the root, gradually blending to the ends. For good hair care and maintenance, invest in a silver toner and purple shampoo.

Honey blonde highlights on black hair are like breath of fresh air. From honey brown to blonde, these highlights look beachy and add a touch of natural light regardless of how you style your black hair. The honey color looks best as a dark-to-light transition, with patches of honey blonde strewn across your locks for an earthy highlight.

Copper highlights are beautiful and appealing on black hair, especially if you like more intense streaks or subtle shimmers. Feel free to include one or two slight golden highlights as well, for a three-tone look.

Full highlights are applied from the root to the end, and look fantastic on black hair. For women with naturally dark hair, adding full light, medium, or dark brown highlights is a great way to enhance your color while also playing with texture.

Burgundy highlights on black hair are cool and sexy. They may be as subtle or bold as you like, adding warmth and depth to your locks. This color combination is ideal for ladies with darker skintones, who will be complemented nicely.

Balayage highlights add layers of color to your hair softly, and they look great on black hair. It may take some time in the salon, but it's totally worth it in the end.

For women who desire more natural-looking highlights on their black hair, there are a few options. Consider other dark colors to complement your current shade, such as a medium, dark, or ashy brown. Start at the roots and incorporate a full highlight for an intuitive style that will enhance your natural features.

If you have black hair with red highlights, it's easy to stand out in a crowd. Add light or dark red highlights at the root that work their way through the dark strands. Just remember that red fades quickly, so make sure to schedule an appointment every month or two for a refresh.

Another vampire-inspired look is the use of dark red highlights on black hair. You're still enticing them with sexiness, but in a chocolate-meets-wine type of way. This mature and beautiful color highlight works best when the deeper hues are most vibrant at the ends and mid-section of your tresses.

Very little tops the black hair with purple highlights look. When done right, the deeper hues of purple highlights pop through on the ends and in sporadic streaks, so as not to overpower the natural power of your dark base. Its an elevated edgy stylish and beautiful, but non-conforming.

Gray hair does not have to be old to wear it. It's very chic and can add a little fun to your locks, especially when it's done through ombre or balayage. Keep up with any salon visits to ensure a long-lasting color.

There's something about blue highlights against a black backdrop that's cool, unique, and desirable. Even with a few dyed strands layered below the ear, you can easily make a statement with dark shades of blue, which can look electric.

Black hair with auburn highlights never goes out of style, especially for light skin tones, as it adds a little extra warmth and sexiness to the appearance of reduced color. Gently massage the auburn over the middle and tips of the hair for a complete transformation.

Black hair with blonde streaks have a fresh look, with the lightest and brightest highlights shining near the ends. Add honey blonde highlights to the mix to help with the dramatic transition, or go straight from dark to light.

The easiest way to look sun-kissed is to apply golden highlights over black hair. The best color is applied from the ear to the tip, with the most vibrant color shining at the tips.

To achieve a beautiful color, you don't need to have a huge contrast; rather, subtle highlights can be added to your black hair. By adding ashy and similarly darker shades about one or two shades lighter than your usual hues, you are able to both add dimension and enhance your hair's natural colors, allowing the base color to shine.

Add chestnut highlights to your black hair if you've ever wanted to try the brunette side of things. You can experiment with early and subtle shades to create a new and unique appearance. The result will be a rich mixture, almost chocolaty.

Highlights look fantastic with short hair, too! Whether you accent your tips or color your whole head of hair, you can achieve an elegant look that's sophisticated yet elegant.

It's possible to be a bit tricky with short hair, so try including some blonde highlights into your cute outfit. Your normally black hair will benefit from some extra light and softness, as well as some shine. Go for a subtle mix to enhance your natural and effortless style.

A partial balayage is ideal for dark hair because it's a gentle and gradual transition that allows you to keep a portion of your hair all-natural. You can experiment with different color options without committing your whole head to the experiment, and it doesn't require much maintenance and visits to the hairdresser. This style even looks fantastic when it's grown naturally.

How To Highlight Black Hair

There are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to highlighting black hair. First, although you may find box dye that matches your desired hair color, it's always a good idea to go to a salon and have your coloring done by a professional stylist.

balayage is a technique that focuses on layers, which may be costly and time-consuming, but it is extremely popular. For color ideas, consider some cool colors like blue, green, and red.

For a more natural highlighted appearance, you cant go wrong with a few shades lighter than your base color. And last, when it comes to blonde highlights, whether platinum or honey use a toner to combat brassiness. Go to a salon regularly for a makeover to keep your hair healthy, shiny, and stylish.

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