How To Get The Skater Style

How To Get The Skater Style ...

While 90s fashion is making a comeback, skater style never ceased to be trendy and popular among adolescents and young people across the world. From oversized shirts and loose cuffed pants to Vans sneakers and tube socks, there are many skater outfits to experiment with if you want to have the perfect appearance.

Keep abreast of skater fashion trends while shopping for a new wardrobe. Check out our guide to getting the skater style.

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What Is Skate Style?

Skaters prefer lightweight clothing to military-inspired garments since they are more prone to injury.

As skateboarding became hugely popular, there was much resistance to it, thus skaters created a subculture of rebelliousness that splintered into their clothes. The pieces they wore were intentionally out-of-style and unique, and this became fashionable as skating became wildly popular. There are a wide range of fashion trends and styles to consider when dressing like a skater boy.

Skater Outfits

The first component of any good skate style outfit is a pair of skate shoes. In the late 90s, designers such as DC and Etnies created their iconic big, bulky skate shoes, while Vans and Nike also created lines of skate shoes for skating. For high tops, try Converse or Vans Sk8-His.

Thick cotton shorts became popular among skaters due to their low-stitching capabilities. Look for long cargo shorts or chino shorts that extend beyond your knee to achieve this style.

Graphic shirts are a staple in skatewear. Find a Stussy or Santa Cruz t-shirt, and get them. They are designed to be worn by skaters, and they are strictly crew necks. Go to a local skate shop or surf shop to purchase some tees for this look.

Skate pants are a popular choice because they are extremely lightweight. Work pants and Dickies are also popular because they are extremely durable. Avoid tight dresses and sweaters as these would be impractical while skating and never became common in skate style.

Hoodies were an obvious choice for skaters because they are comfortable, warm, and durable. Many of the same brands that produce the skater favorite tees also make great hooded sweatshirts. Look for some that are minimal so you can wear them throughout your wardrobe or go bold to make a statement with bold colors and bold graphics.

Skools and shorts are well-known skate styles. This style of socks will always have a place in skate style. Brands like Stance have created an entire company around extravagant socks that will keep you on your feet all day long.

Brixton, Thrasher, Volcom, Vans, and Deathwish make a wide range of styles to choose from, including unusual fabrics and patterns.

Skate Brands

When it comes to skatewear, it's possible to pick out brands you like. Dickies, Nike, Levis, and Adidas are all well-known. Other brands include RVCA, Brixton, and The Hundreds.

How To Get The Skater Style

Here are some tips on getting the skater look if you wish to dress like a skater.

  • Choose casual and comfortable styles that allow you to skateboard but also fit the proper aesthetic.
  • Sport oversized graphic t-shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, and jackets from the right brands.
  • Pair your top with skinny jeans, baggy khaki pants, cargo shorts, or loose fit shorts.
  • Wear skate shoes from classic brands like Vans and Converse for a cool skater boy style.
  • Complement the skater fashion with accessories like tube socks, a classic wallet chain, logo cap, and small backpack.

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