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Cybersecurity Company Netrust and Leader In Biometric Technology IDmission Announce Partnership To Strengthen Cyber Security Solutions, Inc

Cybersecurity Company Netrust and Leader In Biometric Technology IDmission Announce Partnership To Strengthen Cyber Security Solutions, Inc

Netrust Philippines Corporation, a leading provider of cybersecurity services, is partnering with IDmission to provide improved security solutions to its customers in the Philippines and the wider ASEAN region. In many organizations, the pandemic quickly established digital transformation and remote work as the new norm in many cases, this past year, and quickly became the norm, with the spread of the virus pandemia. Increasing cyber risk exposing to a higher cyber threat demands putting broader emphasis on cybersecurity. .

In the age of digital transformation, leaders must adhere to a digital-first approach to stay competitive, says Jennifer Tongco, CEO of Netrust Philippines Corporation. "The Netrust group, which focus on securing Identities, and our partnership with IDmission, the leader in the eKYC and identity proofing space, are thrilled. This partnership will complete our Identity portfolio and allow us to provide the best technology for seamless customer onboarding. Our partnership will give our clients competitive edge in the hope that they can serve their customers in a safe and efficient manner.

IDmission is an asymmetric process that guarantees centralized authentication. IDs provide an authentication process for the identification of identifiers through security, passive liveness biometrics, AI and industry expertise.

By partnering with IDmission, Netrust takes its mission to protect its customers' digital identities, applications and data to the next level. The threat is a threat of new and advanced detection mechanisms, because of the rapid rise of sophisticated cyberattacks. IDmission's biometric identification verification system improves security, also speeds up the verification process and deters cybercriminals.

"IDmission has been serving customers in Asia Pacific for a few years," says IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee, "The Netrust partnership is bringing new customers closer to delivering the best possible service to new and existing

About the 0 more, about Netrust Philippines Corporation is a Necone Corporation. Netrust Philippines Corporation is an associate company of Ne Trust Ltd (Singapore) - the first public certification authority (CA) in Asia and the only Accredited CA in Singapore. Netrust provides comprehensive online identification and security infrastructure for individuals, businesses and government organizations, to enable secure electronic transactions. Netrust delivers a wide range of innovative cybersecurity solutions that address the increasing threat of data breaches.

About IDmission

IDmission, the world leader in biometric and AI technologies, provides end to end digital transformations for applications relying on ID and identity verifications. We offer a fast customer journey with the standard standards compliant security, passive liveness biometrics, AI, and our industry expertise to complete complex applications in countless markets.

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