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Quest Analytics LLC and Vertical IQ help Community Bank to continue profitable growth for profit

Quest Analytics LLC and Vertical IQ help Community Bank to continue profitable growth for profit

Quest Analytics, a leading provider of modular banking software and NASDAQ, announced on Sept. 15, 2021 the latest integrated deployment of the software, with v1 and V2 software. IQProspects - Assurance. Sales management software with Vertical IQ at Community Bank.

Development of the core strengths created a sales and service culture that builds full relationships with its customers. A more effective sales management process was desired. "It is very important that business banks prepare for prospect and client calls and meetings adequately. It is our pride in doing more to understand our clients' businesses. That ensures we deliver the financial solutions they need and deliver them the way they want them to.

After deploying, I've finally been able to do something. IQProspects - Species based on the iIQ. Having complete integration with Vertical IQ, Community Bank's commercial bankers can easily find and track prospects, manage pipelines and automate workflows.

While preparing for a prospect call, Community Bank gained accumulated user experience, research and preparation for relationship management meetings, and analyzed the most important activities/activities/pipelines within the process, all key meetings/active activities and IQProspects - Identifying a number of different factors. .

"We are excited to allow the Community Bank team to quickly get the information they need at their fingertips. The integration with Quest Analytics can launch a single sign-on from the platform's platform. IQProspects - PIProspekts. The module modules integrates the Vertical IQ platform to help our joint customers grow and retain more business."

Quest Analytics helps banks and credit unions automate customer contact management: from the e-mails to the business center. Quest combines daily analytics, easy to use software and relationship building skills training to be a source of revenue and profit.

About CB Financial Services, Inc. CB Financial Services Inc. is a bank holding company of AA, formerly referred to as Community Bank. The Community Bank operates its branch network in the southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Community Bank offers a wide array of retail and commercial lending and deposit services. The service is offered through Exchange Underwriters, Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary. To learn more about CB Financial Services, Inc. and Community Bank, visit our website at

Quest Analytics - About Questi Analytics Quest Analytics is a financial services and training company that works in the financial industry in order to help community banks and credit unions grow quickly and profitable. Quest Analytics has been in the business of financial institutions since 2001.

About Vertical IQ, About Optical idiometric Objects. Vertical IQ is the national leader in Intelligence. Success teams use Vertical IQ to better understand customer success before, during and after meetings. Vertical IQ covers more than 530 industries, 3,400 local economies and more in the United States, and provides users with the confidence and credibility to make memorable impressions and maintain lasting relationships. Learn more about Readiness at


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