Attorney Soy Sauce, Mr Salt, Ms Pepper, and Attorney Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11 Recap and Review

Attorney Soy Sauce, Mr Salt, Ms Pepper, and Attorney Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11 Recap and ...

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Korean legal series that focuses on an attorney with an autism spectrum disorder. The story follows her as she joins one of the biggest law firms, taking on cases that she resolves in her own unique way.

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm KST, the 16-episode program premieres on June 29, 2022, and released new episodes. Extraordinary Attorney Wooepisode 11 has a run time of 72 minutes.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11 Recap Contains Spoilers

InExtraordinary Attorney Wooepisode 11, love is in the air as Woo Young-woo cant help but remember the kiss as she waits for Lee Jun-ho outside the building. Having finally met him, she must rush to meet a client. A new case involves a guy who invested in lottery tickets with two others but who later denied ever promising to share the proceeds.

He has gone to Hanbada together with his wife, who is indirectly connected to Jung Myung-seok, and asks for their help. However, gambling is illegal and any promise made will be void by law. He also does not have a written agreement or other evidence to back it up.

Dong Geurami discusses Kim Min-shiks blind date with Choi Soo-yeon, which was a great failure due to his jokes. However, Woo Young-woo finds them funny as she keeps asking for more. The next day, she goes to a gambling facility to confront a worker who might be a witness to the promise that was made.

Woo Young-woo gazes at Lee Jun-ho from her office window which first terrorizes him but then makes him smile. He goes to her office but someone stops him and asks about a case later.

The defense lawyer brought up his case during the trial, stating that the defendant denied making any promises and that there is no evidence to support the promise. Jung Myung-seok then applies his findings, and Lee Jun-ho tells him that the witness has disappeared.

While working on this case later that evening, she calls Lee Jun-ho. She informs him that she missed him and wanted to see him, but Lee Jun-ho stops her. She then jokes with him, after which she assures him that he is not a whale and that he keeps popping up in her head.

Jung Myung-seok is able to provide a witness with the help of the plaintiffs the next day, but things don't seem to be right. Soo, Woo Young-woo witnesses a secret signal shared by the witness and one of the plaintiffs. Hwan Min-woo has discovered something between Tae Soo-mi and Woo Young-woo.

Woo Hwang-ho is contemplating taking up Tae Soo-mis' offer to relocate to Boston. She replies that she would have appreciated a bit of help in the past. The plaintiffs have won their share of the money.

The plaintiff comes to Woo Young-woos' office to thank her with a present, but she declines it so he hands her the gimbap made by his wife. He then asks about the division of property during a divorce and if the lottery money would be included as well during lunch.

Choi Soo-yeon creates the characters Mr Salt for the man, Ms Pepper for his wife, and Attorney Soy Sauce for Woo Young-woo. She then goes to Jung Myung-seok to discuss this but he tells her that she cannot do it because Mr Salt was her client.

Woo Young-woo goes to the woman with the intention that she would purchase gimbap, but there she sees the man ruining his wife's store. After he leaves, she goes inside and decides to be flexible, as she indirectly warns the woman about the upcoming divorce.

Choi Soo-yeon is having a great date but discovers that the guy is actually a scammer who takes money from the women he dates. She then storms off from there with an expensive bottle of alcohol that she makes him pay for.

The woman goes to Hanbada and tells them that her husband wants to divorce after getting lottery money and has been abusing her and her children. Woo Young-woo questions her if she has any proof that her husband promised to provide her the lottery money. Jung Myung-seok advises her to seek help from another attorney since her husband was their client.

Episode 11 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo comes to an end.

She thanks the two and goes back with Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho, who have come to buy gimbap. On the way, she spots her husband who wants her to sign the divorce papers and leaves from there. Seeing this, her husband enters his car and attempts to follow them, but falls in the road.

Lee Jun-ho rushes to her and hugs her from behind to calm the anxiety. After attending the funeral, the couple walk back to discuss how his wife and children inherited the money.

Lee Jun-ho expresses her gratitude to Woo Young-woo for assisting her with her anxiety, and the latter assures her that he is there for her whenever she needs it. However, this time Woo Young-woos father sees the two.

Hwan Min-woo has come to Tae Soo-mi and tells her that he wants to work for her law business. He then says she wants her to keep his mouth shut, but Tae Soo-mi insists that he must be capable in order to do this.

Review of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 11

This episode was enjoyable, sweet, informative, and real. These sweet moments between Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho are unmatched, and these moments add to the program's exceptional quality. Their little interactions that make him smile wide, and their compassionate side that supports her like a rock, make this show so special.

Woo Young-woo acquired another skill today, one of which is being flexible with the situation. She has changed a lot in this episode, and this is something we should not miss out on.

Today's show talked about autism spectrum disorder and how to provide care for them in such situations. This is also something we should know about, especially in emergencies, and I suspect that Lee Jun-ho is thinking about assisting Woo Young-woo. He is her therapy.

Today we saw a reality that exists in society and karma that never fails to deliver its effect. We know that these men exist. They only think about themselves and not of the people who have always been for them. Maybe that is why he was hit in his brand new vehicle and the whole amount from his children's pay.

Tae Soo-mi's disappointment is apparent from the start. I expected more but I must have understood from her offer last week that she wanted the father and daughter to be completely away from her. These two will have a tough time but I hope they will overcome the obstacle.

What did you think of today's episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo episode 11 will fill you up with the sweet love shared between Woo Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho. Read on to know more.

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