Adamas Episode 3 Recap and Review: Something in the Shadows

Adamas Episode 3 Recap and Review: Something in the Shadows ...

Adamas() is a Korean drama series directed by Park Seung-woo, who plays Ha Woo-sin and Song Su-hyeon in the lead double roles previously occupied by Eve. The finale of Adamas has a runtime of 68 minutes.

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Spoilers in Adamas Episode 3 Recap

Hye-soo in a bathtub recalling her conversation with Woo-sin and declaring that he's totally insane.

Woo-sin sits in his living room and thinks back to Hye-soos' claim that she was the one who invited him to the house. In the meantime, Tae-sung arrives and asks him to leave the house. Well, he threatens him.

Woo-sin starts to choke and falls to the ground, unable to breathe. Tae-sung rushes to the nearby desk, but when he turns around with the box with Vitamin K tablets, Woo-sin appears fit and fine, exclaiming how Tae-sung knows exactly what to give a rat poisoning.

Tae-sung is obviously irritated by him, but Woo-sin assures him that just because he chose to save him, he knows that his adversary will not go that far. Tae-sung reiterates that Woo-sin is not his target, and therefore he does not desire to harm him.

A mysterious lady enters Su-hyeons, only to discover that she is Seo-hee, who is sobbing and blaming herself for taking Su-hyeon to them because her parents have died? It's a terrible revelation that no one expected to see!

Seo-hee comes home and finds his mother dead on the floor and her father's body beneath the building, apparently jumped from their balcony. A sympathetic Su-hyeon drives her away while someone keeps watching from the shadows. At Haesong, Tae-sung reminds Woo-sin that while they havent done anything to his brother yet, there are consequences to threatening a police officer.

Su-hyeon is attempting to persuade Seo-hee to see sense as she insists on doing this on her own. He asks her whether she, too, believes that this isnt a simple suicide and that they should collaborate to find out whats going on.

Despite Woo-sin and Tae-sung's ongoing feud, Woo-sin mentions that he has someone on the inside who is willing to assist him. Tae-sung asks him whether they will assist him with the Adamas; Woo-sin replies no; they will assist him with another person.

Ms Kwon's reaction to what happened the previous day is palpable the following day. On the other hand, Hye-soo receives a note from Woo-sin and immediately asks her to help him; no, not to steal the Adamas, but he wants her to tell him who committed the crime 22 years ago.

While Su-hyeon examines the evidence from Won-joongs apartment, Team A Leader Lee realizes that he might have poked a sleeping bear.

On the other hand, Woo-sin expresses regret over her choice. Ms Kwon rushes in and promises to honor Hye-soo. They promise that their stay will be longer than planned.

Tae-sung takes him away and tells him how Haesong is being kept an eye on. He then asks Woo-sin whether he believes Chairman Kwon is the killer, and mentions that the statute of limitations for his fathers case has expired. However, Woo-sin mentions that since the chairman was outside for some time, he still has 18 years to catch the killer. And, he needs to determine the connection between Chang-won and Chairman Kwon.

Woo-sin asks for Tae-sung's assistance, but he refuses and demands that he provide evidence of his wacky accusations; otherwise, he will murder his brother. Seo-hee mentions in a flashback, and a tiny Heo-see sees a man carrying a bat and wearing a bloody shirt walking down Su-hyeon's fathers home.

Woo-sin meets up with Hye-soo before they all depart and asks her to reveal the truth. After much discussion, she tells him that the chairman killed someone with the Adamas and that Chang-won took the plunge for him. He then mentions that she's been right all along and that she should start unraveling now.

Chairman Kwon mentions that he will be returning a year after Hye-soo requested to stay for some time at their house in Venice. Thus, they are putting a halt on the memoir for the time being. Woo-sin returns to his room, irritated by a missed opportunity.

Dong-rim tells him that he saw the conversation between Kwon and Secretary Yoon and that there's something going on between Haesong and Hwang Byung-cheol Byung-cheol has apparently promised to provide police with weapons if he becomes president. Woo-sin, thinking on his feet, chooses to tell the chairman the truth so that he doesnt let them go before the elections.

After she draws the perpetrator, Su-hyeon and Seo-hee discuss their next moves. Leader Lees men tail him, which Hyeok-pils tail reports back to work.

Adamas Episode 3: Finale

Chairman Kwons' changes provoked Ms Kwon into a frenzy, destroying everything in the Woo-sins' office, eventually finding the destroyed letter in his trash can.

Woo-sin discusses legalizing firearms with Tae-sung and learns that he's trying to get into Team A in order to topple the entire empire. Additionally, he shares the audio recording of Hye-soo with Tae-sung, putting him off-guard.

Su-hyeon goes to meet Chang-won to see the sketch, and Chang-won replies that he doesnt recognize him. When Su-hyeon asks him if he remembers him, he replies that he isn't sure. When Su-hyeon mentions that he killed his father, he realises that day 22 years ago.

Anyway, he continues to symphony knowledge and an angry Su-hyeon presses him for further information because he knows that this person was his friend the night before.

Adamas Episode 3 Review

Adamas introduces some surprises that will make you think. Of course, at 68 minutes, it's odd to not have things happening. However, in spite of being a bit slow-paced, Adamas introduces some surprises that are just delightful.

Although the program has a lot of possibilities, there is also the downside that you do not know whether or not what you are thinking about is correct. However, the more you know the more complicated the situation becomes!

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Adamas Episode 3 has so much information that it's extremely confusing and thoroughly thrilling!

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