Season 4 of The Boys adds two new superheroes

Season 4 of The Boys adds two new superheroes ...

The Boys' twisted superhero mythos and its ickier elements keep expanding, and they are likely to be a regular cast member in the next seasons of the series. Neither Firecracker nor Sister Sage were previously mentioned in the Amazon Prime Video series The Tick, but both were later promoted to series regular.

The Boys' world keeps expanding in terms of its twisted superhero mythos and its nasty elements, and season 4 seems to be adding two entirely new superheroes to the cast, both of whom are expected to play in the upcoming batch of episodes of the series. Given the general tone of the show, it is reasonable to assume that they will either be dealing out horrible fates to people or having them dealt to them.

Neither Firecracker nor Sister Sage are part of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys comic series. As completely original characters, season 4 may be able to do pretty much anything with them, and showrunner Eric Kripke has already shown a lot of willingness to divert from the comics' original storylines. In contrast, the Black Noir (portrayed by Nathan Mitchell) was tragically mute for decades.

Firecracker and Sister Sage may be similar to some well-known heroes in The Boys season 4, as Valorie Curry has already starred in the Amazon Prime Video series The Tick and Susan Heyward has been starred on the OWN show Delilah since its cancellation earlier this year.

The Boys season 4 isn't clear exactly what will happen, but things did not conclude in a generally good manner at the end of season 3, thanks to William Butcher (Karl Urban) who successfully rejected Ryan in order to keep him safe. This flopped in large part, and Ryan appears poised to embrace his superhuman powers under the worst mentor ever.

Cameron Crovetti has been promoted to a series regular for The Boys season 4, presumably due to the addition of Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward. These are some of the most popular series on Amazon Prime Video, which is also starting to spin off new series and projects, so it's possible that we'll see a lot more of these characters soon.

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