Earth is about to be hit by a sunstorm

Earth is about to be hit by a sunstorm ...

Scientists have determined that a major geomagnetic storm will strike Earth in just a few hours. This is unusual because it does not appear to be a major disaster. The Northern Lights, for example, have been observed in February.

Climate change and natural hazards such as tsunamis and hurricanes are not enough to put our planet at risk now. The sun will produce gaseous material that is [flowing] from a southern hole in the Sun's atmosphere. This will trigger a geomagnetic storm that will impact the planet. The solar material that escapes this area of the Sun's atmosphere travels more than a million miles per hour.

Although the Sun storm that is ejected from the Sun's atmosphere sounds frightening, the Earth will be able to absorb the solar material that is ejected from the Sun's atmosphere with just a minor disturbance of electrons at our poles. Several small satellite malfunctions will occur when the storm strikes, but it does not appear to cause significant damage to the Earth.

Researchers have determined that this particular sun storm is of the weaker type, thus making the event seem less frightening. If that were to happen this time, satellites would crash into the planet. However, this storm is classified as G1, which sounds as mild as it gets.

Back in February of this year, a powerful geomagnetic sun storm struck our space, sending around 40 satellites plummeting towards the planet. This storm caused a rocket from Elon Musks SpaceX to destroy most of the 49 satellites that were there, which were later decommissioned. It's hard luck because solar winds can crash into the planet and wreck many computing systems, depending on how severe it is.

Although a sun storm might be a potentially disastrous event, scientists are usually on the top of things when it comes to assessing what is going to happen on the planet. Thankfully, apart from some minor system malfunctions, we are not in any immediate danger. We don't know if it was actually caused by million mile per hour solar winds.

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