Elisabeth Hasselbeck and The View Discuss Her Religious Stance on Abortion: What Happens If People Don't Believe in Your God?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and The View Discuss Her Religious Stance on Abortion: What Happens If People D ...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her return to The Viewin in full swing, and it wasnt long before she got into an argument with her fellow co-hosts on abortion rights. When Hasselbeck mentioned religion, Sunny Hostin asked her what happens if people do not believe in her god.

Hasselbeck said, it's not, If it doesn't end up being life, we're all aware that it's possible. And it's not because I said so. It's because God said so.

When Hostin dismissed the guest co-host, he asked What if people did not believe in your god?

Hostin continued, I will tell you, I agree with what you're saying, and the ladies at the table know that, and our viewers know that. Because I'm Catholic and I believe that life starts at conception.

Hostin asked Hasselbeck what she believes about the fact that she cannot force her religion or beliefs on others in a follow-up interview, adding that it isn't the American way.

Hasselbeck replied, "It's my duty not to force religion." I also believe that sometimes in Christianity, we need to extend mercy. We need to not shame women in difficult situations.

Joy Behar joined the discussion, saying, "When you are prohibiting something, you are, in fact, judging them."

Hasselbeck and her co-host Whoopi Goldberg discussed different abortion options, such as adoption, in an earlier segment on the same topic. "I personally believe, not because I believe life has value, but because I believe life has value."

Goldberg jumped in and stated that God does not make mistakes, and that he made women smart enough to know what would not work for them.

Goldberg points out the joy of giving us freedom of choice, as Hasselbeck can be heard in the background saying, Here we go.

Despite the interruption, Goldberg continued, my relationship [with God] is always choppy. Because I have a lot of questions.

Hasselback chimed in once more from across the table, stating to Goldberg, He loves you and Youre his favorite!

Goldberg concluded on the subject of abortion and religion by saying, "I know God said, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I will not make that decision for anyone."

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