Joy Behar reveals that she had an Ectopic pregnancy: I Almost Died

Joy Behar reveals that she had an Ectopic pregnancy: I Almost Died ...

Joy Behar shared her personal experience with an ectopic pregnancy during a heated discussion on abortion laws on Wednesday, August 3. She referred to former NFL star and Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walkers, who has called for a total ban on abortion.

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Joy gave a brief description of what an ectopic pregnancy is. The [embryo] will grow just enough to rupture the tube, which results in bleeding internally, and then you die.

When guest co-hostElizabeth Hasselback asked about it, Joy continued and said she had just gotten to the hospital in time to save her. The doctor the following day said, "We almost lost you."

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After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, Abortion Rights Protests 2022 take place.

Joy shared her experience with an ectopic pregnancy while calling out Republican politicians who support abortion bans without regard for rape, incest, or the mother's health. She said, "There is no exception in my head" when asked about abortion bans in May. Per The New York Times

Several people have called out the Supreme Court's decision in June, and are concerned about what the decision might mean for women seeking abortion in emergency situations where the mother's health is at danger. Attorney General Mark Garland filed a lawsuit against the State of Idaho for an abortion legislation that he believes violates the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act.

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