According to TikTok, swirl nail nails are the new doughnut nail types

According to TikTok, swirl nail nails are the new doughnut nail types ...

The TikTok algorithm is bringing a new kind of nail art front and center, called swirl nails. This retro-inspired mani is great for late summer. Swirl nails are available in summer shades of neon and bright pastels, but this abstract design also works in autumn and winter.

The swirl nails hashtag on TikTok has more than 30 million views, and it keeps growing with every launch of the app. Instagram is also seeing a steady increase, but it isn't just these two platforms that are seeing an increase in swirl nail art. According to data analyzed by JustMyLook, searches for swirl nails are up 86% on Pinterest, and you know that when people start pinning, they're really committed to an aesthetic.

Swirl nails are an excellent choice if you, like me, are a nail biter. Although most popular nail videos and photos tend to be toward gel polish and long coffin shapes, there is plenty of information available for short-nailed people as well. Swirl nails are an endless supply of colorways, so beware of the deceptiveness of the term.

What Are Swirl Nails?

Swirl nails are a style of nail art that consists of a sequence of swooping, curving lines in one or more contrasting shades of polish. Usually, this type of nail art includes some sort of negative or, at the very least, neutral space so that the retro, '70s-inspired vibes really stand out.

Sonia Domingues, a beauty influencer and founder of Signet Beauty, demonstrates how little blank space can make swirl nails pop, even in soft, candy colors. From the sherbet hues of aqua, pink, orange, and white, hers is quite modest in comparison to how big and bold the look can be.

Chaun Legend, a well-known nail artist who created many of the Kardashian-Jenners' best manicures, posted a photo on Instagram on July 28 showing how swirl nails can also be used in other nail art designs such as french tips. The bright neon tips he used for Lala Anthony are truly stunning.

While many swirl nail designs evoke a more 70s, airbrushed vibe, Legends' interpretation has a more 90s, airbrushed feeling. Since the 1990s are about to make a major style comeback, the airbrushed effect is trendy AF.

Swirl Nails: How To Make Them At Home

The process of forming swirl nails requires a steady, practiced hand, and you will need to paint smooth, perfect tiny lines on your nails. There are a number of inexpensive press-on solutions, including the ones below.

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Swirl Nails in a Shop with a Press-On

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