Google informs us that Android 13 will arrive sooner than expected!

Google informs us that Android 13 will arrive sooner than expected! ...

We reported on the anticipated release of the Google Pixel 7, and there is already new information on the Android 13 operating system, according to newly published security release notes on Google's website.


On the internet, many rumors about the Android operating system version have surfaced. This is because in Google's latest security release notes, it's said that Android 13 would be released on September 1, 2022. Of course, this was previously the case with the release of Google's Pixel 7.

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Experience shows that Google always makes a request for the new Pixel phones first. This was the case last year, when it released the same Google Pixel 6 and the corresponding Android 12 at the same time in mid-October. Moreover, information from Google has led us to believe that the new security intrusion could also be a mistake.

Xiaomi has begun its first beta testing of MIUI 13.1.

China's smartphone manufacturer has already provided a tiny update in its own country that allows users to receive a beta version of the new MIUI 13.1 on their own Xiaomi 12. These beta versions have also been available for quite some time, so we can assume that the final version of the operating system is already available.

The answers to this question remain: why is Google changing its strategy here? Because a Google Pixel 7 release in September might be out of the question. Thus, the manufacturer may release a new operating system version without the associated smartphone. So, it remains to be seen whether Google has considered something else or we can already use Android 13 on our phones as early as next month.

What do you think of this rumor? Are you already looking forward to Android 13 or are you giving it a wide berth for the time being? Tell us in the comments!

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