After Batgirl is postponed, Michael Keatons' eagerly anticipated Batman return goes poof

After Batgirl is postponed, Michael Keatons' eagerly anticipated Batman return goes poof ...

Everything old is new again on all screens, big and small, and this is something that were all used to. Veteran actors keep returning to their old roles, old characters are revived as TV shows, and it's all fun (I, for the record, like that sort of thing).

The only one of these returns that made a single bit of sense? Michael Keatons' late Batmanfeature film has been canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery, along with the rest of the film's cast. Thanks to the erratic and violent behavior of star Ezra Miller, it's possible that in 2023s The Flash, a film whose future is more up-in-the-air than Hawkman's

This is an absolutely heartbreaking twist of events, a catastrophic twist to a return that appeared too good to be true. All of the other big returns as well as Ralph Macchios as Professor X were always plausible. Like, of course Michael Myers would return in Cobra Kai. Of course Jamie Lee Curtis would come back to stab Michael Myers some more. And that's the one thing that all of these rather disparate returns have in common: the door never seemed to close completely.

Michael Keaton's experience was different, perhaps because he left the role 30 years ago and refused to reprise it. A lot of his younger colleagues from the films of 1989 and 1992 have returned, including the casts of Karate Kid and The Mighty Ducks. The Father of the Bride's cast even did a Zoom reunion.

Michael Keaton has been a ferocious old Batman for 30 years, despite his performances in Spotlight and Dopesick. He is also a terrific actor who deserves to be remembered. In Batgirl, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns is a pretty shame.

Why are you denying us the return of let's face it the one true Batman? Keatons Batman was the hero of my childhood. He is my hero to me and to an entire generation (or two) of fans who would happily subscribe to HBO Max and pay a premium price in order to see him return for more.

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