Dwight and Angelas Child Contract Unpacked on The Office Rewatch Podcast

Dwight and Angelas Child Contract Unpacked on The Office Rewatch Podcast ...

The Office is well-known for its unconventional workplace romances, but only one of them involved a Child Contract.

Remember how Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and Angela Martin (Angela Kinsey) negotiate their contractual agreement regarding sex, pregnancy, childbirth, and child raising in Season 6? Kinsey and her pal Jenna Fischer certainly agree. And on the August 3 episode of Office Ladies, StitchersThe Office podcast, the former costars discussed all of the said contract, which you can view online.

Yes, the Chump was broadcast in May 2010, which means NBC no longer has Angela and Dwights' five-page Child Contract on their website, but thanks to the trusty Internet Archive, you may still see it in its entirety.

Angela and Dwight have their contract reviewed by a legal expert because Dwight wants to withdraw from the agreement. The mediator determines that the contract is basically ironclad, and if Dwight wants to back out hell owes Angela $30,000 in damages. Instead, Angela proposes a counter deal: Intercourse to completion five individual times rendered at her discretion.

Dwight agrees, and the pair embrace their new agreement. However, if you want to know more about that Child Contract, you are in luck.

Kinsey said that if a child is broken, he must be turned back in the womb via mind power. Number one: I believe Dwight wrote that one. Number three: See if you can guess who wrote this one. Cats should be treated with respect and all other animals should only be regarded for their usefulness and meat.'

Kinsey said she thinks she and Angela contributed to the piece. This contract is so funny to me. You know our writers had a lot of fun with it. It's still available on the internet.

The agreement, which lasts until the child turns 14 years old, addresses topics such as delivery and birth, prenatal care, physical attributes, pets, clothing, and more. It even includes their signatures at the conclusion. Fans of the show should read every single sentence of the document (using the Next and Previous sticky notes at the bottom to navigate it), but here are a few main points:

If you're reading this, NBC is pleading with you to eliminate the unredacted version.

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