Welcome To Instagram's Museum Of Bad Behavior

Welcome To Instagram's Museum Of Bad Behavior ...

Bennett, a self-described historian of bad behavior, wants to provide a safe haven place on the internet for people to uncelerate their debauchery without fear of judgment. I think that when people find a neutral space, it's extremely liberating, she adds.

Bennett discusses True Life, Jenna Jameson, and hanging out with Lena Dunham in Connecticut.

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I saw one today, actually. Lena lives near Dudleytown, a New England ghost town that is completely gated off. It's like a notoriously haunted piece of toxic property. The more you discover it the more you realize that they built this settlement in a valley. So by noon everyone got typhoid fever and died.

I have an entire essay that I wrote on my phone about a True Life episode called, I'm a Clubber. [I wrote], Explain the charm of a place that always seems to me as though its floors must be sticky with Red Bull, its bathrooms a graveyard of carelessly discarded angel wings and miniature Ziploc bags.

Sylvia of Hollywood was a famous diet and fitness expert from 1936. She would prescribe calisthenics and would use this massage technique where she would beat people and pinch the fat off their bodies. It's funny. Like, it's a good read.

Jenna Jameson's podcast will include a Jenna Jameson 1996 interview, a Jenna Jameson Opie & Anthony interview, and a bunch of tax shambles. It's about a sort of love square, I guess. There's one guy, who's not that impressive, who had these two ex-girlfriends and one woman who he was kind of seeing. The woman who he was sort of seeing disappeared off the face of the Earth, but then began

Ashley Benson followed Regret Counter and [messaged her] like, You can always submit! "I love this account. However, she refused to send me anything.

No offense, world, but you must send me a list of how much you drank last night if you don't want me to see your DM.

For clarity, this interview has been edited and condensed.

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