Maisie Williams Makes Her Showcase with a Shaved Head Makeover: Before and After

Maisie Williams Makes Her Showcase with a Shaved Head Makeover: Before and After ...

Maisie Williams wore a shaved head as she wore the cover of her first Minor Threat EP at the end of July. She changed her appearance away from Jordan, the blonde punk bombshell she wore on Pistol, and more towards Penelope Houston (of The Sex Pistols contemporaries, The Avengers).

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Maisie wrote on her blog that she was a #3in1girlie and that she was wearing a pink number and a lime-green coverup to protect her newly shorn scalp from the sun's UV rays.

MAISIEEE, wrote model/actress Iris Law, while Laetitia Ky added a string of hearts for eyes emojis. One fan said, Queeeeeeen, and another added, SHE IS THE MOMENT. The big reveal!

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Maisie Williams -- PICS

Maisie has been a chameleon as of late. She first adopted the blonde hairstyle when she appeared next to Taylor Swift at the British Academy Awards in 2021. The outfit was designed by Reuben Selby, her longtime boyfriend. The effect was half Matrix, half Maleficent, and all stunning. She made her Met Gala appearance in May 2022, wearing a black hairstyle that evoked Hollywood glamour.

When asked about the episode, Maisie channeled a different kind of glamour but she was equally valid in her role as Jordan (a.k.a. Pamela Rooke) in the Sex Pistols docuseries, Pistol. I think Jordan was very expressive. She was dressing in ways that were at the time quite new and exciting and interesting, and that is how these two forces were connected.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have grown up as GoT BFFs in 17 pictures.

Jordan became like a spokesperson for [designer Vivienne Westwood]'s movement before the Pistols, said Williams. The Pistols then kind of solidified the music behind it and the message, but for a long time, Jordan I think just physically embodied everything that Vivienne wanted to paint.

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