Candace Cameron Bures Morals Shaded by JoJo Siwas' mother

Candace Cameron Bures Morals Shaded by JoJo Siwas' mother ...

Candace Cameron Bure, who plays Siwa in Full House, was mentioned by Jessalynn Siwa in a viral TikTok post on July 24, saying Bure was the rudest celebrity shed ever meeting. Two days later, Bure posted an Instagram video saying shed called Siwa and cleared the air. Now, Siwas mom Jessalynn is chastising Bure.

JoJo Siwa was 11 years old when she saw Bure's famous 80s sitcom Fuller House on Netflix. She agreed to take an IG video with her. When she refused, Siwa asked her to pose for a picture on the night.

Jessalynn mentioned the incident on a previous episode of her podcast Success With Jess, and she shared a photo from the episode on Instagram on August 1 in response to Siwa and Bures' recent back-and-forth.

The former Dance Moms star continued, stating that she could have been involved in anything. It's funny when you don't know and somebody treat you like that... and it's difficult to be a celebrity. I'll give it to you, but that was so long ago...and we still remember it!"

Bure commented on JoJo's phone call that she remembered the incident, which caused Bure to declare she was mortified for breaking JoJos childhood heart in her Instagram video. A spokesperson for Bure did not reply to Elite Dailys' request for comment on Jessalynns post in time for publication.

JoJo and Bure both appear to be OK, but Jessalynn also slammed Bure in her Instagram caption. The previous version was incorrect, so here is the real version, according to Jessalynn. At the end of the day, genuine kindness always goes a long way.

Bure, who is a Christian, posts regularly on Instagram about the Bible, although she also had something to say about her quoting the Bible. Morals are what you have when no one is looking, she said.

Bure has not responded publicly to Jessalynns' message.

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