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Nureva XT classroom solutions give remote students access to classroom experience in-room

Nureva XT classroom solutions give remote students access to classroom experience in-room

For advanced education, Nureva audio, high-resolution camera and premium services for hybrid and HyFlex learning environments combine High-quality services to enhance learning with a hybrid, i.e., hybrid.

- Nureva Inc., a renowned teleconferencing solution, announces that the company is launching its new audio conferencing software. TM XT classroom solutions, a unique and highly integrated combination of audio, video, device management and product services designed specifically for educators who want the flexibility to extend the in-classroom experience to remote students. By easily combining existing classroom technology products (such as projectors and displays), the solutions enable remote students to live with their remote learners, while also supporting full-classroom audio pickup - all via a single USB connection to their There are four solutions for standard-sized and large classrooms with Nureva XT. Each combines a Nureva audio system (HDL300 for standard, Dual HDL 300 for large), telecommunications and the new Nurva CV30 classroom camera kit and re-subscription to Nur Eva Pro, which Refer to the following: More details of the product including the additional details related to the above product. The section below shows the solution component more details.

Nureva XT solutions support a variety of scenarios and use cases in-room and remote classrooms, such as hybrid and HyFlex learning, and private participation of guest speakers or students. They can be deployed and managed by a small IT team, and focus on ease of use and simplicity for instructors as they move from room to room with quick start-up experience and no lost class time. All solutions deliver the best possible combination of full-room microphone pickup, in-house voice amplification, playback of audio content, front-of-the-wall video coverage with auto tracking, camera presets and digital pan/ In an affordable package, which is easy to install, set up, manage and scale, unlike complex, one-off solutions often not purpose-built for classrooms, have limited functionality, and require time consuming installation and maintenance. The solutions also overcome the limitations of webcams and all-in-one systems designed for small meetings and have limited microphone pickup range for classroom environments. Each component of Nureva XT has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to function as a flexible, adaptive, future proofed and responsive to evolving needs. Using breakthrough MicrophoneTM Mist technology, Nureva's unique approach to audio conferencing allows users to choose from multiple classroom layouts, different teaching methods and different learning styles, and change health and safety guidelines. Students can spread out, face every direction and move around the space while they talk. The first microphone and speaker bar certified for large Microsoft Microsoft is the microphone with speaker and volume bar first. When a team room is closed, the HDL300 system's automatic autocalibration automatically adjusts to in-room configurations, reducing the need for IT staff or technicians to visit learning spaces. Out of Microsoft Teams, Nureva solutions integrate with a number of leading UC&C platforms like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Cisco. no ae oneem zscnir slny mmi udz ili Lifesize, Lifesized. - & mlb / % Y. For students and many others, an exceptional remote learning experience is offered to them.

"Today's classrooms require the flexibility to support a wide range of scenarios that involve the need for people outside the classroom to participate in learning sessions, whether they be guest speakers participating remotely or students joining the class from home, other "We're excited to announce a full-featured classroom solution that will be future proofed and offers the simplicity, flexibility and reliability that have become so critical in today's education environment."

Video Watch a video with Nancy Knowlton discussing Nureva XT classroom solutions.

Images Download images of the Nureva XT classroom solutions.

Additional product details

The Nureva audio conferencing systems are based on the Nurva audio conference system. The HDL300 system is designed for standard-size classrooms, and the dual-HDL600 is ideal for large classroom settings. Both systems are fully functional.

  • Nureva's patented Microphone Mist technology places thousands of virtual microphones in space to capture sound from anywhere. It ensures that everyone is clearly heard no matter where they are in the room or where their direction is.
  • Voice amplification mode, which solves the difficult audio problem of providing support for the in-room amplitude of the instructor's voice, while simultaneously providing full-time microphone pickup of voices in the room so everyone could hear from
  • Simple installation and cloud-based device management, making the system easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Continuous autocalibration, which automatically adjusts to change in class configurations, reduces the need for IT staff or technicians to visit classrooms.

Curriculum & Math room camera kit. This new ePTZ camera lets remote students and other participants clearly see the teacher and the content being presented. Camera features and features include dual camera features, and dual dual features feature, also features features like camera and benefits.

  • In addition to three preset camera views and auto-tracking mode that tracks the teacher in front of the classroom, teachers can easily choose the best view for remote students. Teachers can also manually pan, tilt and zoom up to 8X.
  • A 84-o-FoV with a 4K sensor, the CV30 can cover the entire front of the classroom so remote students can clearly see the teacher at the whiteboard to deliver enriched learning experiences.
  • The wall-mount installation this reduces classroom clutter by ensuring that the camera and cables are not accessible to the public.
  • - plug in multiple USB devices (including Nureva audio, CV30 camera, etc.) with a single USB cable to connect to the teacher's/instructor''. plug into multiple devices such as

Nureva Pro is a naive pro. Nureva Pro is a bundled service that provides superior support and advanced device management, including advanced support.

  • 24/7 access to technical support to help resolve any issues at any time, providing 24/7 assistance to all of the time.
  • An extended product warranty of three or five years, extended if the warranty expires.
  • Advance replacement of Nureva hardware.
  • The ability to monitor and manage devices from anywhere can be monitored and managed.
  • Intelligent monitoring with proactive emails to identify and resolve issues before they are reported.
  • Using acoustic data to understand device usage and performance across all classrooms, with unique analytics and insights to gain insights into the use and operation of devices across the classroom, and with unified astronomic data with the unique

Availability and price. The Nureva XT classroom solution is available now through a North American value-added dealer network and is expected to ship mid-Q4. The MSRP for higher education in the United States ranges from $4,499 to $7,699 depending on class size and Nureva Pro subscription term. In the K-12 community, the price is available through a network of dedicated K-12 dealers. Nureva XT will be available internationally in 2022.

About Nureva Nureva is a technology-rich, multiple award-winning private company that creates and builds audio conferencing solutions that solve the frustrating and persistent problem of poor audio performance in meeting and learning spaces. The company's Microphone Mist technology is the foundation of every system, the company patented, which puts thousands of virtual microphones in a space to pick up sound from anywhere in the room and deliver reliable audio to remote participants. The company's product roadmap and the value it creates for its customers drives a passion for achieving simplicity through deep user understanding. For more information, visit the website. Nureva's website is based on Nuraeva. and follow @NurevaInc @Neilvainc. .

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