Season 2 Review of Good Morning Veronica: Bland and Rather Underwhelming

Season 2 Review of Good Morning Veronica: Bland and Rather Underwhelming ...

Good Morning Veronica (Bom Dia Veronica) is a mystery-thriller TV series starring Taina Muller, Elisa Volpatto, Silvio Guindane, and Cesar Mello, among other cast members. Season 2 of Good Morning Veronica has six episodes, each with a runtime of around 55 minutes.

The series is described on Netflix as follows:

An underused cop discovers a husband and wife with a horrific secret and a web of conspiracy while looking for a dating site predator.

Season 2 of Good Morning Veronica Review Doesn't Contain Spoilers

Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica ended on a cliffhanger, and we knew that this one would be coming, right? A few months after the first season, season 2 begins with Veronica back on the field trying to figure out who destroyed her life, who is this mafia that has their fingers in everything?

The life of a woman trapped in turmoil and the question of whether or not she will emerge from this alive was what made the first season so gripping. Janete and Claudio were both fearful of the situation, and Veronica's mafia background added an additional layer of mystery to an already unsettling narrative.

Good Morning Veronica 2 puts us right into the lap of the mafia and its dubious head Mathias. He is a good guy, but there's something else lurking beneath that good guy exterior. He's a great antagonist, sure, but to be honest, Claudio seemed more plausible, more relatable, and thus, more horrifying.

As we go from Veronica to Angela, Matiass daughter, you lose a lot of the original Veronica material. Season 2, in order to go big or go home, gets a bit too big for us to really engage in the plotline. The first few episodes, especially, are very dull and when it does eventually pick up a bit, it never reaches that emotional intensity and terror that the first season had.

The more Veronica uncovers the Matias filth, the more difficult her life becomes as well. And, unlike the previous season, you didnt feel that much emotional connection with her character or what she endures as she seeks to uncover this mafia network. Again, you felt something Janete and, by extension, for Veronica.

Despite its dismal revelations and insinuations, Good Morning Veronica does not give you the shock you'd expect from the second season. I'd also come to wonder what the purpose of another season if the mafia was not that big a deal or an all-encompassing component of the first story.

There is one single horrifying and depressing aspect in the narrative that will engulf you. This is because it is the main focus of season 2, but its just so rapey and anxiety-inducing that you will be forced to be horrified, perhaps even slightly more, because who likes to see this unfold so casually?

The second season of Good Morning Veronica includes a few minor nods to the first season, however, it ties everything together quite nicely. There's a very small detail about an eating disorder in there that doesn't seem to get to the point very well.

Good Morning Veronica Season 2 Summing Up

Good Morning Veronica Season 2 is a rather uninteresting entry into the series, which should have just wrapped with its excellent first season. It just feels so impersonal and over-the-top that it stops being relatable and, thus, stops being as horrifying and fear-inducing as you would expect.

The second season, in my opinion, is a bit bland and unnecessary, as well as a tragic abused child.

Good Morning Veronica is now available on Netflix.




Good Morning Veronica Season 2 doesn't pack a similar punch as its first season but does make you uncomfortable some.

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