Carnival Cruise Lines Addresses a Critical Issue for Passengers

Carnival Cruise Lines Addresses a Critical Issue for Passengers ...

After the ship departs, you can put your phone away and simply be on vacation for the duration of your vacation.

Some people prefer this way of thinking about their vacations, but many simply can't. You may want to skip the movies and avoid the real world, but work and family concerns don't disappear just because you're on vacation.

Some people simply don't want to leave the world behind on a cruise, and others do not want to. For some passengers, keeping in touch with those left behind on land is essential, and others simply don't want to disconnect.

When you want (or need) to stay connected to your land life while you are at sea, you must purchase an internet package. Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report sells three internet packages on its nameake cruise line:

The notion that internet-on-ship is a mixed experience is a good way to describe it. Prices vary by sailing, and performance varies a lot depending on how many people onboard are using the internet, as well as other factors. Even the finest package can be nearly useless on sea days when a lot of people are trying to access it.

The cruise line has taken some measures to enhance the internet experience for passengers.

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Carnival Increases Its Internet Bandwidth

Royal Caribbean (RCL) is the main competitor of Carnival's Freedom of the Seas. It's only a test for now, but it's transformed the internet experience on the ship from nothing to something like working from a Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Starbucks Corporation Report

Royal Caribbean has not indicated whether or not it will extend Starlink to other ships, but it appears inevitable.

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According to Vice President Luis Terife, Carnival has taken different steps to improve its internet.

The rate of guest use has increased dramatically across the board, but especially with an increased emphasis on our premium plans, according to the speaker. We are allowing a more balanced upload versus download experience.

The cruise line has "improved its connectivity ecosystem by utilizing bandwidth from multiple satellite providers to remain flexible, which is crucial to providing a consistent connected experience with ships moving between deployment regions," according to Global Infrastructure Vice President John Harshaw.

He said that we have significantly increased the number of WiFi access points across the fleet, allowing our guests and crew to connect seamlessly in many areas onboard. This improvement also increased automation and redundancy within the connectivity ecosystem to reduce single points of failure.

Carnival has been making changes to enhance the onboard internet experience, in many fancy terms.

Carnival Makes Other Internet Changes

Get Meta Platforms Inc. reports that the cruise line has also followed Royal Caribbean in offering free access to Whatsapp (META) so that crewmembers may keep in touch with friends and family back home as well as with other crew members.

People who work on cruise ships, at least Carnival and Royal Caribbean ships, pay more for internet access than passengers.

Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean have integrated more onboard activities into their apps as they recovered from their pandemic shutdowns. Those include features that allow passengers to make reservations, keep in touch with other passengers, and create menus with QR codes.

Carnival has acknowledged the issue and continues to work on the issue.

All global (connectivity) providers are working tirelessly to build larger and more scalable networks, which will enhance the overall connectivity experience at sea, according to Cruise Industry News.

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