Nini Learns A Family Secret & Frozen Auditions Start In HSMTMTS Recap

Nini Learns A Family Secret & Frozen Auditions Start In HSMTMTS Recap ...

EJ is a little worried about directdirecting Frozen. Gina has all the trust in him, at least to his face. She hoped that they would get to play leads together. For the time being, EJ wants Gina to never say anything to the rest of the crew.

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Carlos meets Ricky before the auditions. Carlos warns Ricky that he will not be able to just Zefron his way through this time. Ricky promises that hell will learn the names of the male leads. He says one of them is named Gary. Carlos is displeased.

Ricky screams he is kidding or is he? Ricky wants to have fun this summer. Carlos exclaims that fun is for the ensemble.

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Ricky and Gina Restart

Gina feels like she needs to stand on her own this summer. This turns into an epic Sofia Wylie solo number called Balance. You cowards, give her the lead!

Gina runs into Ricky as she exits her cabin. Is it a whole different experience should they fist bump or hug it out? They do end up hugging. Gina tells Ricky that she wants them to start over, but Ricky rewinds himself backward. Thats not Gina's intention.

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Were we ever in a different place? Now, we're different people. We can start fresh. No drama. No chocolates, Gina says.

Nini Discovers Who Her Father Is

Nini has been invited to see her parents in Los Angeles. They ask her if she remembers Marvin, who turned out to be her parents' sperm donor. After the big reveal, Marvin assures Nini that the best will come. This gives us a terrific Olivia Rodrigo solo moment.

Gina enters the audition room and spots EJ, the choreographer played by Zombies star Meg Donnelly. The wheels are already spinning in her head as Maddox reveals. EJ tells Val that he is directing the show, and they take over casting.

Maddox responds favorably to Kourtney's offer, but Maddox refuses to help her with anything she requires for the program. Maddox is aware that she has an acquired taste, but she is having difficulties with making new friends this summer.

Ricky tries to be considerate of what happens this summer, but the boy grabs his snowsuit for auditions. Gina 1.0 comes out swinging. You two arent even friends, Gina warns.

Frozen Auditions Have Begun

Before transitioning to Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? Everyone is slaying it. While Ricky is singing, complete in his snowsuit in the middle of summer, Gina looks at him from backstage! (Rina shippers, I know you caught that.)

Dewey warns Jet that he won't be able to sit around this summer. He encourages him to try out for the musical. Everyone is debating what they should do next after auditions. EJ questions and he gets flummered. Maddox, the stage manager, comes in for the save and helps guide everyone to their places.

Jet walks into the door suddenly. EJ and Ricky encourage him to audition. His voice is incredible. Keep an eye on yourself, Ricky!

Gina begins her self-defense strategies as she begins to suspect that EJ is wrong. EJ promises that they should keep a professional distance during rehearsals.

Kourtney and Ashley are still watching Maddox. They aren't quite sure what she's up to. Gina defends herself and says she's harmless. But is she? Carlos begins snooping for the cast list. When he sees it, he doesn't like it!

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