Accelerate your trade show ROI at Trade Shows

Accelerate your trade show ROI at Trade Shows ...

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Most marketers are pleased with the prospect of returning to in-person trade shows. There are few marketing channels that generate more qualified leads and strengthen relationships better than a trade show. However, you may be wondering how to make the most of these experiences and ensure you get a good return on your investment.

A primer for returning to in-person: Common traps

A great way to evaluate yourself as an organization in 2022 is to review your pre-pandemic workflows. Are you changing your ways? Or are you going to use a modern approach? When it comes to ROI, most organizations are just scratching the surface.

The typical business card is an example of this. After an event, these cards are either still in the hands of their sales representatives or are quickly typed into an excel file waiting to be uploaded to the CRM. Old School thinking isn't exactly in line with today's digital world: Here are a few of the most common issues encountered by trade show marketers:

Leading marketers are saying goodbye to manual processes in droves, because when data is entered manually, there is a high probability of human error and missing critical information. So, how can trade show marketers avoid reinventing the wheel each time in the future? By optimizing strategy, moving towards more digital solutions, and focusing on the three stages of the trade show marketing process.

Maximizing your strategy for better ROI

Above, we touched on data. Let's go into it a little more here, because it is critical to enhance data visibility in order to demonstrate the value of your trade show. Today, the correct technology can easily assist you in transferring conversations from the floor to your sales team at the click of a button.

After the show, you need trade show solutions that are flexible. Be it pre-event appointments, onsite lead capture, post-event reporting, or off-site networking events, let's take a look at how you optimize your trade show strategy during these phases:


Be fully prepared and stay one step ahead of in-person and hybrid events as you prepare for in-person and hybrid events in the future. It's a new digital-first world, and this has had an impact on in-person events as well.

Learn how Cvent can help you maximize ROI at your trade shows.

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