In the midst of a tax scandal, Shakira was seen at Miami Airport with his sons

In the midst of a tax scandal, Shakira was seen at Miami Airport with his sons ...

Shakira is set to go through some major legal battles in the near future, but fans would not be able to tell from her demeanor. At the Miami airport, the hipster put on a smile and a brave face as she traveled amid a major tax dispute that may see her sentenced to prison in Spain.

The Spanish government has accused Shakira of tax cheating. They claim that the singer unlawfully demanded their share of 14.5 million Euros in income tax. Shakira was offered a settlement but decided to defend herself during trial.

Shakira and her sons Sasha and Milan were seen strolling through the airport terminal by the Daily Mail. She wore a flowy casual dress and did not appear to be concerned about her imminent charges. The children wore matching black shorts.

Shakira might be sentenced to eight years in prison if found guilty of tax cheating between 2012 and 2014. She allegedly used the tax cheating while she was living in Barcelona. Under Spanish law, all workers must pay taxes on all income, including international income.

Shakira was a major player in the music industry in the 2000s. After resurrecting after presenting at the 2020 Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez, she will now face a legal battle that few can prepare for.

Shakira is uneasy about the stress. She is certain that the truth will be revealed and she will be vindicated. If she is concerned, there are no outward signs of it.

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