An Endless Night Review of Predictable Plots

An Endless Night Review of Predictable Plots ...

Endless Night, a fantasy thriller set on August 3rd, 2022, features Ayumi Roux (of SKAM Frances fame), Theo Augier, China Thybaud, Salif Cisse, and Leo Legrand as supporting actors. The show is directed by David Perrault and Emmanuel Voisin, who each direct six episodes of the drama.

-Endless Night Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers

The series is described on Netflix as:

For these youngsters, dreams begin to seem like dreams, but at what cost?

Endless Night has the same theme as other films, but the group of physicians suffers the consequences of being transported to another world.

Endless Night is a classic teen drama that follows the same rules as a regular thriller show. From teenagers being sucked into a larger conspiracy who go out of their way to get into trouble, to medical espionage and a mind-numbing medication that threatens your sense of reality, the series has it all. But where it fails is maintaining a grip on the audience.

Hundreds of teenage dramas are released every day, each attempting to one-up the other but failing miserably. In recent years, no teen program has found that perfect middle ground between crazy and just right. The series feels predictable from the start, a statement that should not be associated with any form of entertainment, even if it is a thriller-horror production.

The drama is unlike anything you haven't seen yet, and the story is as basic as the plot, and the protagonist is duped by genuine emotional advances in her character development. The jump scares arent that scary, and the supporting characters are given enough of a story to advance the plot. It was because of this that every plot twist felt rushed and escaped definitive answers.

The Wind Ironically Beneaths its Wings

One of the few things I loved about this program was the cast. Whether it is from the African-American community or the Latino community, there are many films that attempt to bring one marginalized group. Endless Night, on the other hand, had actors from all walks of life.

The Last Word

Endless Night might be a good option for those who like quick teenage thrillers with a decent amount of horror in its plotlines. If you're not a fan of flashy events, like a kid entering a medical facility, robbing drugs, or murders without an investigation, this might not be a problem for you.

With an almost surreal montage of happy teenagers, the film closes with the song Eyes Wide by Jamie Nurton and Philip Jewson.

Endless Night is now available on Netflix.




A group of teenagers try a new drug in the market that blurs the line between dreams and reality - does Endless Night's intriguing plot keep us intrigued till the end?

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