The New Siren Eyes Trend at TikTok Is a Sexy Reimagining of the Smoky Eye

The New Siren Eyes Trend at TikTok Is a Sexy Reimagining of the Smoky Eye ...

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A siren is a god-like creature with an alluring voice that enticed mariners to destruction by singing. In 2022, women are often referred to as sirens for being so enticing, it's almost dangerous. Think Old Hollywood stars Dorothy Dandridge and Rita Hayworth with their dramatic eye makeup. Now, TikTokers are evoking these sultry looks with what theyre calling siren eyes.

The different methods of forming siren eyes vary, but many of the same techniques are followed by each artist. Depending on your budget, you'll need some makeup remover or micellar water, black or brown eyeshadow, and black liquid liner.

Use the pencil eyeliner to draw the start of a cat-eye coming out the side of your eye, only, and blend the eyeliner along the line until it reaches the middle of the top lash line. Remove makeup remover as needed.

Just like you would apply a pencil liner or black liquid liner to your lashes. (Its the smallest line ever.) Then, flick downwards and extend the inner corner. You may need to clean this up as well. Use another neutral shadow shade over the black line and under the lash line or skip right to mascara for a sultry look.

Who is a smoker?

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