Woodstock 99 Review: Greed, Bad Planning, Drogen, and More Turns the Biggest Party Into a Nightmare

Woodstock 99 Review: Greed, Bad Planning, Drogen, and More Turns the Biggest Party Into a Nightmare ...

Trainwreck Woodstock 99 is a Netflix documentary series that follows British filmmaker Jamie Crawford, the director of The Hunt for Ted Bundy, and produced by Cassandra Thornton and Sasha Kosminski. Executive produced by Tom Pearson, Tim Wardle, William Swann (BBH Ent), Casey Feldman (BBH Ent) and Amani Duncan (BBH Ent).

The program examines the egos and sounds that fueled three days of mayhem during the Woodstock 99 festival. It utilizes rare insider footage and eyewitness interviews that were part of this event.

The Netflix synopsis of the docuseries is as follows:

Woodstock 1969 promised peace and music, but its 99 rebirth resulted in days of outrage,riots, and serious harm. What led to the failure of the project?

-Trainwreck Woodstock 99 Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers

Woodstock 99 was conceived as a millennium-defining event of peace, love, and great music. However, what ensued from it is nothing less than a train wreck. The first episode of the series begins with the bizarre images of the venue ground, where the festival had taken place on the weekend.

When one thinks of the Woodstock festival which first took place in 1969, the roads and ground are filled with trash, all barricading walls are torn down, automobiles burned down to ash still fuming, and there is just more destruction.

And it was rightly so in 1999. The founder of the festival Michael Lang had tried to recreate the same kind of event in 1994, but things didnt go very well and did not generate much profit. He then decided to revive it in 1999 with his partner John Scher, who had clear goals of making enough money this time.

The Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York, was chosen as their venue. It was a 3000-acre area that used to be a base during the war but has since been inactive. It was large enough to accommodate a large number of persons and had all of the facilities on-site as well.

What exactly went wrong? For starters, the organisers made everything seem too complicated for everybody. There werent enough sanitation employees to pick up the piles of waste, and the ones doing the job were not doing the job correctly. They signed a deal with an external caterer, who raised the prices, making everything too costly.

The security staff even removed the water bottles from the bag check, thus the visitors had to pay all of the expensive items. Then comes the drugs, alcohol, and everything else that added more chaos. And the hot weather did not make things any more enjoyable.

Also, if you have a crowd of 250,000 people, there will be a lot of people. From music lovers to party ravers to miscreants, there are a lot of mixes that can go wrong if not planned correctly. However, what irritates me is that to this day, organizers play the blame game for everything else.

There is no end to what is blamed on the Rock and Roll music acts to the unruly audience and even each other. Even when things got out of hand, they were painting a completely rosy picture in the media and not doing anything to bring the chaos under control.

Woodstock 99: Summing Up

The documentary series is a joy to watch and illustrates how the worst demons of human nature can manifest themselves in various situations. Although the Fyre festival did not take place, many others can still learn. Bad planning, greed to make money, and disregard for audience interaction are some of the reasons for its demise.

They hired 18-year-old part-timers as security guards to guard a small city crowd. They were even dubbed Peace Patrol (what a joke). There were a few interviewees who agreed to come back to Woodstock if it happened again. However, there are many others who are quite sorry by the experience.

Woodstock, a 1999 film, is now available on Netflix.




Trainwreck Woodstock 99 on Netflix is a cautionary documentary series that investigates everything that could go wrong in a peaceful music festival.

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