Beyonce removes a Kelis sample from the Renaissance song Energy

Beyonce removes a Kelis sample from the Renaissance song Energy ...

After the latter publicly accused Beyonce of theft, she subtly removed her Kelis Milkshake sample from her new song Energy.

According to Rolling Stone, the sampled beat does not appear on the Queen Beys Renaissance album on streaming services, and Kelis' name has also been removed from the credits list.

Page Six's request for comments was not immediately returned by a Beyonce rep.

Kelis has yet to reveal the edit publicly.

Kelis, 42, was made aware of the shift just days after she called out musicians in the music industry for failing to show her true character or integrity.

She continued. Everything is always as it appears, some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity, and they fool everybody.

Kelis responded, saying, "It's not a collab, it's theft." An Instagram user praised the song as the world's greatest collab.

Beyonce's decision came after she had to return to the edit room to remove the word spaz from a different track from her new album, Renaissance, due to claims it was ableist.

The Grammy winner, 40, sang in one of the original verses of Heated.

The term, which was not used intentionally in a harmful manner, would be replaced, according to Beyonce's team in a statement obtained by Variety.

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