Bjarne Madels Dark Comedy Is a Hit-or-Miss Case, According to Buba Review

Bjarne Madels Dark Comedy Is a Hit-or-Miss Case, According to Buba Review ...

Buba, a 2022 Netflix film, is a prequel to the popular Netflix series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Our main character comes from Philipp Kabohrer and Matthias Murmanns coming-of-age dark comedy that explores his origins, struggles, inhibitions, and goals in life.

Sebastian Colley and Isaiah Michalski direct How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) this dark comedy that stars Bjarne Madel as Dante and Anita Vulesica as Jule. Other cast members include Soma Pysall, Michael Schertenleib, Michael Ostrowski, and Jasmin Shakeri.

The Buba Review on Netflix Doesn't Contain Spoilers

Get to Know the Crime Scene Cleaner at Buba

In this film we do not see Jakob Otto, who we know by the name Buba, start out as a drug businessman with the Albanians and Jule, this one-time flame who is returning. We also meet his older half, his brother Dante.

Buba is quickly crestfallen as he is overwhelmed by his parents' deaths and his brother's eventual limp. He soon discovers a connection in the grand scheme of the Universe that proves that if he does well, others do poorly (even Leonardo DiCaprio!) and vice versa.

Buba, along with his brother Dante, develops a living regimen that involves drugs, bloodshed, and some outrageous experiences that maintain the karmic balance in the environment, while ensuring the safety of whatever family and love he has left. As he continues to master his system, he falls in love, and the unexpected circumstance throws him off guard.

Buba is a film that has the advantage of either being a one-of-a-kind ride or being a film with crass, violent comedic sequences. Arne Feldhusen has taken inspiration from many great black comedy films, from Tarantino to Coen Brothers. However, have they all converged to make his film unique and distinct? The answer is still a debate.

Making the love angle the greatest antagonist in the film seems unnecessary and somehow reduces where the film stands with its tough and funny demeanour. Despite the poor production design and the pacing being uneven, the film catches up with its slapstick comedy punches and dark humor.

It is melodramatic and it recognizes it and owns it, which is why the funny parts in the film shoot straighter arrows at the audience than the romantic and gangster ones. It is clownish and tries to make an impact by employing body language communication abilities.

Buba: The Final Verdict

If you enjoy watching Buba, you'll find it a fun experience. The narrative remains true to the Netflix series characters, and if you've not seen it yet, you may just miss a beat with what our protagonist is like. But, most importantly, watch it. It's a journey that progresses with time.

It may not be groundbreaking, unique, or exceptional, but it's certainly funny enough to make you laugh. It might be sexist language, or emotional comedy, but, Buba will always be on your list of favorites if you follow through with it.

Now, you can watch the German film, Buba, streaming on Netflix.




Netflix's Buba is a slapstick comedy that you might or might not enjoy.

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