Review of Dont Blame Karma: An Unlucky Girl's Love Story

Review of Dont Blame Karma: An Unlucky Girl's Love Story ...

Laura Nortan plays Sara in the new Netflix romantic comedy film Dont Blame Karma. Renata Notni plays Lucy, and Gil Cerezo plays Aaron. Miriam Chi Chim, Meteora Fontana, Giuseppe Gamba, and Mauricio Garcia Lozano star in the film.

Fernanda Equiarte and Marcelo Tobar screenplay the duration of one hour and 25 minutes. The synopsis begins, "A fashion designer who believes her sister accidentally cursed her with bad luck is presented with a new opportunity that forces her to question this belief."

Sara is introduced as a kid who blames her sister for all the attention. During Lucy's fifth birthday, Sara blows out all her birthday candles. Thats when Lucy vows she will destroy all her dreams in life. Since then, bad things have continued to happen to Sara, especially in her personal/love life.

Sara grows up believing that her karma towards her sister and her sisters is the reason why she is so unlucky. A teenage Sara falls in love with her best friend Aaron, who also passes away. Years later, Lucy, a successful model, discovers that she is engaged to singing sensation and rockstar Aaron.

Sara is surprised to learn that her childhood crush is engaged to Lucy. Her belief in bad luck keeps growing stronger. Is Sara truly cursed because of her sister? Will she ever be able to get out of it? How will she deal with Aaron's coming back?

Even though the story of this film sounds sad, the tone is light and breezy. Sara's first 20 minutes are tense because everything is happening so fast in her life. She is also facing many difficulties as her parents.

Saras job life is never a problem; she is a talented fashion designer. Lucy is Sara's biggest cheerleader. We soon realize that the wrong things happening in Saras life are not her sisters fault. It's a reason she gives for her luck and her decisions.

Aaron's bad luck might turn out to be quite good now that he is in the picture. However, she should only do it if she wants to, as she is her sisters' fiance. The writers did not attempt to complicate the issues or presented anything in an overdramatic manner.

Watching Sara and Lucy's sister bond was truly mesmerizing. No one is the villain in this story. It's unfortunate that the producers chose not to use a harsh tone in a tale about karma and bad luck. The parent drama seems quite unnecessary at times.

Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni are exceptional and stunning as Sara and Lucy. Their sisterly bonding seems natural. Theyve shown how one can blame their sibling for any random thing. However, no one can comfort a person as their sibling does. Gil Cerezo is charming throughout.

Dont Blame Karna aka Que culpa tiene el karma?Final Thoughts

Dont Blame Karma has a good amount of romance, music, and humor to keep one interested. The film lacks a bit in the emotional component, especially during the closing scene. Yet, it's a pleasant watch that will leave a smile on your face.

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Don't Blame Karma Review: Netflix rom-com based on two lucky and unlucky sisters is fun to watch.

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