Penny Starr Sr., an 89-year-old dancer on Americas Got Talent, surprised Simon Cowell!

Penny Starr Sr., an 89-year-old dancer on Americas Got Talent, surprised Simon Cowell! ...

Penny Starr Sr, an 89-year-old dancer, stunned Simon Cowell and the other judges on Americas Got Talent with a stars-and-striptease performance.

Penny Starr, 89, of Americas Got Talent, wore none of those embarrassing granny pants. She's a professional stripper who's real name is Janet Gaynor.

The talent show has a tendency to become a little different after 17 seasons; however, this season had a first: an old burlesque dancer.

In a clip from Tuesday's episode, Starr may be seen wearing a white frilly mermaid gown, long white gloves, and a red, white, and blue feathered boa.

The following is a teaser for the episodes. Starr performs a dance around the stage to the song Youre a Grand Old Flag, and as judge Simon Cowell notices her, she tosses her feathered boa to the side.

Sofia Vergara, who is sitting next to him in the courtroom, is told by the notoriously tough judge that she will remove her clothes.

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As the audience sings along, Starr takes her time and gently pushes her hand towards the front zipper of the garment.

The normally ice-cold judge, seen here with wide-open eyes and a look of total stupah as Starr verified Cowells' suspicions, was shown.

The dancer, who is 89 years old, gently unzips herself to reveal a white mesh bustier and long skirt that match. She then removes both of these garments with great ease.

Starr said to Florida Today that even Simon and the other judges were exceptional. I was prepared for him, she said. If he hadrung the bell on me while I was working, I would have turned around and yelled at him to respect your elders.

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She said she was a decent guy, but he was also a professional dancer. She talked about how she began dancing after being dismissed from her job as a trapeze performer in a circus.

She was invited to perform in a dance performance with a young elephant, after which the wife of the carnival owner instructed her in burlesque dancing.

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She used her gifts to get to the Flamingo in Las Vegas, where she shared a meal with Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.

She has been dubbed the living legend of burlesque. She has been inducted into the Las Vegas Hall of Fame.

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