Luke Proposes Kayla After She Considers Separating From Luke, a Young & Pregnant Teen Mom

Luke Proposes Kayla After She Considers Separating From Luke, a Young & Pregnant Teen Mom ...

During the August 2 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Luke Davis expressed his desire to show Kayla Sessler that he is serious about their future. His mom and sister do not agree that Luke and Kayla should separate so she can focus on the emotional aftermath of her abortion, and he can rebuild the marriage. They will then have a stronger connection, so theyll have a stronger connection.

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Rachel Beavers said she's unsure whether Hazelee's dad Drew will change once he's released from prison. She permitted Hazelee to spend some time together at her mom's house, but she told Hazelee that Drew was just a pal. She didn't want Hazelee to get confused. Especially if Drew doesnt last long.

Madison Beith was heartbroken when she was left with a miscarriage. However, her dad felt she was entitled to continue using birth control, and she claimed that her boyfriend Christian used it correctly. They only conceived twice in five years.

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Kiaya Elliot conducted an online interview for Amour to see his dad in prison, but the dad was nowhere to be found. She was shocked by what would happen if Amours dad did get out of jail. It also convinced her that she should take sole custody of their son.

Brianna Jaramillo, her on-again/off-again friend, got into yet another argument this week. But this time, Brianna seemed to think their friendship might be over for the good. Ashley had backed out of babysitting Braeson, and she became enraged by it. She then called her immature. They got into a huge feud through text messages.

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