Kendall Jenner Rocks Bikini Bottoms and Sits On Devin Bookers Lap In Cute PDA Photo

Kendall Jenner Rocks Bikini Bottoms and Sits On Devin Bookers Lap In Cute PDA Photo ...

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have reconciled, and now there's official photo evidence! On August 2, Kendall posted a few candid photos of her and her 25-year-old NBA great boyfriend, Devin. In the photo (seen below), Kendall donned bikini bottoms and an oversized white graphic tee and fully supported Kendall. The couple looked to be staring at something in the distance as Devin grabbed Kendall's right ankle and sipping a bottled beverage.

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Kendall shared this selfie with Devin on her Instagram story (and was later deleted) SCREAMINGGG

Devin made a huge effort to rekindle their romance almost immediately following their marriage, according to a KarJenner source on July 19. Everyone wants to see them get married.

The couple's two-year romance seemed to be returning to normal as soon as it was called off, as they were photographed at Malibus SoHo House on June 26, and on July 17, Kendall shared what fans believe to be a photo of her and Devin at Michael D. RatnerandLauren Rothbergs' wedding. Kendall did not show Devin's face in the wedding photo, although, giving fans an even stronger reason to believe they were back on after Kendall shared a nature-filled vacation two weeks earlier.

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Devins friends said in June that she didnt do it to play games or mess with his head, but it definitely got his attention. He is predicted to answer the question because he does not want to lose her.

Kendall and Devin are both wonderful, and that's all that matters!

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