Nicki Minaj's Instagram Account Has Been DELETED, According to a False Nicki Minaj Assistant

Nicki Minaj's Instagram Account Has Been DELETED, According to a False Nicki Minaj Assistant ...

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Fans of Nicki Minaj were stunned when an alleged story by her ex-assistant kate miller surfaced online.

All of it went viral on social media in no time.

Nicki Minaj has appeared in public to address growing numbers of people about this issue.

Kate Miller: Who is she?What Were Her Claims?

Kate miller, an alleged Nicki Minaj assistant, posted the following messages in her instagram posts, aged 39.

I am Onika's ex-aide, who she sacked for absolutely no evidence of fraud with her bank account.

Lets talk about you sending Robert Sammuels $75,000 for Freaky Girl's avalanche on the charts. You will not sue, and you know why. I have it all on video. For example, when Kenneth pushed you off that lodge, you were abused.

I have your tax refunds from 2021. When will we tell the barbz youve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016? renting houses is always the go to for the Minaj residence.


Nicki Minaj has teased Freaky Girl, but the whole song hasn't been released yet.

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Is Kate Miller a Nicki Minaj fake assistant?

Her fan began digging into the allegations and revealed some errors shortly after the fake story about NIcki Minaj emerged.

Let's take a look at these inaccuracies.

Nicki minaj's ex assistant/exec for republic records posted fan art of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande on their story.. yall its a teenager behind that page and Im side watching anyone eating this stuff up.

Nicki Minaj's alleged expose was all orchestrated to jeopardize her public reputation. Within a short period of time, her name was all over social media.

The rapper took to social media and posted the following video as soon as these allegations reached their boiling point.

Nicki Minaj Responds to the Kate Miller Controversy Over FAKES

Nicki Minaj responds to all accusations that she was chastised in this video.

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