Burger King's Menu Plan Is Very Different From McDonald's and Wendy's

Burger King's Menu Plan Is Very Different From McDonald's and Wendy's ...

Fast food generally implies that it's greasy and unpleasant for you.

Only a few people go to McDonald's (MCD) - Get a healthy meal from the Wendy's Company (The) Report if they're looking for healthy fare. And, in a broad sense, those who go to any of these chains' U.S. locations won't have a difficult time finding it.

Wendy's does provide some salads that aren't harmful to your health, and you might get a plain baked potato, but the majority of the menu is based on hamburgers, fried chicken, and french fries. McDonald's does not even sell salads in the United States. It has attempted to include them into the menu (McSalad shakers, anyone?) but the general public has been dissatisfied.

McDonald's and Wendy's both understand that children coming through the door want a Big Mac or a Baconator product.

Both chains have stopped selling any kind of plant-based burger. McDonald's recently stopped selling its McPlant in the United States after its trial period ended. Wendy's tried a bean-based burger in 2021, but it disappeared before making any significant impact.

Report Burger King has kept the plant-based Impossible Whopper on its menu while also offering its plant-based patty as an option on other sandwiches. The restaurant has not disclosed much about how sales have improved for its plant-based products, but has made it very clear that it intends to develop meat-free products.

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Burger King Makes a Bold Pledge

Burger King has used the United Kingdom as a model for meat-free goods. One London location has been transformed into a fully vegan establishment. That's, of course, a publicity stunt, but it's also a chance to see if customers will actually purchase vegan "chicken" nuggets, a "katsu" burger, and other vegan options along with its Impossible Whopper.

Burger King has pledged to sell a 50% meat-free menu in the United Kingdom by 2030, although the country isn't the United Kingdom, although it appears to believe its future won't be as meat-based as Wendy's and McDonald's appear to be.

McDonald's, it should be noted, has had greater success with McPlant and other vegan/vegetarian options outside of the United States. The McPlant remains on many of its menus in many countries.

Burger King is pushing menu boundaries.

Fast food may be able to make the switch at least for some foods to vegan because it's the condiments that provide most of the flavor, not the burger patty.

James Lewis of The Guardian said that fast food is 100% the best area to switch to vegan. They are setting the trends here. There is no point in starting a vegan restaurant once McDonalds realizes how to make a good vegan burger, they will think: Why do we have to keep all these animals in the ground?

The United States has been less open to meat-free options than other parts of the world, but Burger King's efforts in the United Kingdom may pay out in the United States.

Vegan nuggets may become a hit in the United Kingdom when they cross the border. If that happens, Burger King will be well-positioned to take its products to England.

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