The World of Weed Delivery Services Is Expanding

The World of Weed Delivery Services Is Expanding ...

It can become increasingly difficult to find such items in certain areas of the United States due to the limited amount of cannabis dispensaries. (Or they're simply too far away). Now there's a different kind of item you can get dropped off at your door: cannabis.

Food and Grocery Delivery Services

If you have had a conflict with famous food/grocery delivery services Instacart, GrubHub, or Uber Eats (UBER) - Get Uber Technologies Inc. Report, you'll understand how timely and almost indispensable they have become.

Delivery of Grocery and Food Services

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Instacart was valued at $39 billion in 2021, compared to $2.1 billion in revenue in 2021. DoorDash has a net worth of $4.67 billion. In 2021, Uber Eats generated $8.3 billion in revenue, a 72% increase year over year.

Walmart Grocery (WMT) - Get Walmart Inc. Reportand Shipt (TGT) - Get Target Corporation Reportalso thrived in 2020, displaying large percentage increases.

Cannabis Delivery Services

The number of dispensaries has increased rapidly in many states in the United States, including many that have legalized recreational marijuana: there are now more than 7,490. However, not everyone lives near a dispensary, and many individuals want their items delivered to their doorstep.

This is where cannabis delivery comes in, aka Instacart, but for weed.

Cannabis Delivery Services are on the rise.

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According to the New York Times, deliveries accounted for roughly 55% of California's medical marijuana sales. And as the epidemic spread, service's sales increased by 500% as the state issued its quarantine orders in March.

Leafly (LFLY) and Weedmaps (MAPS) are two of the most notable and growing weed delivery services - Get a Report from WM Technology Inc.

Leafly is a web design service that specializes in documenting.

Leafly is a British company.

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Leafly is a cannabis company based in Seattle, WA, and was founded in 2010. It's a website that provides delivery and pickup for various cannabis products from legal, licensed retailers. According to its website, over four million orders are placed annually, and more than 4,600 shops work with Leafly. There are over 1.3 million product ratings, and over 5,000 strains in its database.

Leafly App

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Leafly has a website and an app. It also prides itself in educating people through independent reporting, which allows them to access information and resources regarding cannabis and what is right for them. This is done through the Leafly Cannabis Guide.

Delivery, Dispensaries, Deals, Strains, Products, CBD, Cannabis 101, and Social Impact are all tabs on the website. The site is simple to navigate, and once you enter your address, cannabis delivery is a click away.

Leafly's revenue increased by 18% year over year in 2021, resulting in a record-breaking merger with Merida Merge Corp. Following the announcement, Leafly's CEO Yoko Miyashita regarded the merger as a significant achievement. We are relentlessly investing in our technology, talent, and content to execute our growth strategy and deliver value to all stakeholders.

Weedmaps are a term used in many fields.

Weedmaps are a term used in the English language.

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Justin Hartfield and Keith Hoerling founded Weedmaps in 2008. Their aim, according to the website, is "to drive a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy."

The Weedmaps app is now available.

Shutterstock is a digital photography company.

Weedmaps is available as an app on iOS and Android, as well as its own website.

Weedmaps also provides educational cannabis information such as its history, usage, and legal status.

After merging with Silver Spike Acquisition Corp., Weedmaps became public in June of 2021 with a value of $1.5 billion. In its first quarter of 2022, its revenue increased by 40% year over year to $57.5 million.

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