22 Years Of Work Cant Be Dismissed, Omarion To Naysayers

22 Years Of Work Cant Be Dismissed, Omarion To Naysayers ...

Omarion, a 37-year-old R&B sensation, has already been in the music business for two decades. He took a solo path that gave us such hits as Ice Box, Entourage, O, and Post to Be. In 2022, Omarion is still performing sold-out shows across the United States where he serenades his followers with sultry lyrics and sex appeal.

I always tell people that the difference between when I started and now is that people think that because its so easy to be famous on social media, they don't really have respect for people who have been cultivating their art and abilities like in basketball or any other sport where there are actual ranks, according to HB.

He added, "One day people love you, and the next people, people hate you.." And the next day, it's like, Oh he cant sing! "22 years of work" has kept my joy alive.

Although theKinectionserenader did not touch on his Verzuz directly, he did state that he remains unbothered, rebutting his own interpretation. "I think a lot of people understand that being unbothered is not necessarily recognizing certain things," he said. "Being unbothered is, is maintaining your emotional intelligence and power, and realizing that this person is doing this intentionally," so do I react or respond?

Lil Fizz's relationship with his children, to his former B2K bandmates clowning him in unison, Omarion shared how he wrestles with vengeance and triumphs.

It's not about anybody else because to be completely honest with you, I could devastate the world in the worst way, but how beneficial is it for me? he said. At the end of the day, how we respond to things puts us in a victory position or it puts us in a losing position. I'm a winner in life and I have a winner attitude.

Read what Omarion talked about in the whole interview with HelloBeautiful here.

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