The Foundation Stick, which had been waiting for over 10,000 customers, is now in stock and contains even more goods

The Foundation Stick, which had been waiting for over 10,000 customers, is now in stock and contains ...

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Im a firm believer in letting my skin breathe and cannot stand makeup stains on my face masks during a special occasion. There is one product that has changed my perspective and has now motivated me to use foundation rather than dreading a cakey face that doesnt look or feel like my natural skin.

The Minimalist from Merit Beauty is my new fave foundation, and it's just relaunched, bringing it back stronger (and bigger) than ever. Everything about the formula is unchanged; it's still creamy, lightweight, and buildable every time.

The Minimalist stick isn't the only beauty brand new to Merit Beauty; besides Ashley Tisdale's Beauty Secrets video with Vogue, the brands No.1 bestseller has drawn over 10,000 customers on a waitlist. I can honestly say that the wait for this restock and relaunch was difficult. I was constantly checking the site (and Sephora) for my shade to become available again.

The wait was well worth it now that The Minimalist is back and packed with even more goods. Continue reading to find out why thousands of people like me have waited so long to receive this iconic item.

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Merit Beauty is your new go-to for foundation and concealer combinations that melt directly into your skin. There's also a shade finder feature for you to select your ideal shade.

Before I discovered The Minimalist, a full-coverage foundation I used felt like I was applying a whole new layer of skin rather than accentuating my natural complexion. Merit takes a minimalist beauty philosophy with less is more as its motto, and after trying the creamy formula and several of its other products, I can confirm that the brand fits the bill.

The foundation leaves your complexion dewy and natural-looking, without highlighting fine lines or drying out your skin. Plus, you can customize the coverage from light to medium-heavy.

What makes The Minimalist so hydrating? Of course, its skin-loving ingredients! Sea daffodil extract reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots, while fatty acids moisturize dry areas. Even better, it doesnt contain acne-causing additives, so youll remain spot-free after use.

This popular product works as a foundation and concealer, but you may want to go even further and get The Minimalist in a shade that's three shades darker than your usual one and contour your face.

This easy-to-use stick does the job, whether you want a full face of foundation and concealer, to conceal imperfections, to erase under-eye dark circles, or to achieve a killer contour.

Plus, the product packaging is made from 43 percent recycled plastic, confirming that the brand wants to include sustainability in its products. Simply massage the creamy formula into your face and you're good to go. The twist-up stick is also non-stick since it's not a liquid foundation.

Like me, shoppers are quick to applaud this multitasking makeup item.

The Minimalist is incredible. It's so convenient. I can just apply it onto my face and call it a day, according to a five-star customer. The pigmentation is amazing. It's amazing. I'm very happy with the result and its ability to conceal and correct small imperfections.


Merit Beautys The Minimalist is a good read for makeup lovers from across the world. And you will appreciate that this foundation-concealer-bronzer stick is still in use today. And of course, the price is still the same for this new version. So, please make sure you get your new favorite makeup item.

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