In this vacation photo, Kendall Jenner snuggles up to Devin Booker

In this vacation photo, Kendall Jenner snuggles up to Devin Booker ...

Kendall and Devin are sitting in a tree.

Kendall Jenner posted an adorable photo of herself and Devin Booker on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

As she sat on his lap and drank a beer, the two stared out into the distance.

After Booker, 25, and the Kardashians star, 26, talked about their seemingly epic date night, their PDA-filled photo surfaced.

Jenner shared several Instagram videos on Monday, in which she screamed while ziplining, and Booker skillfully hit a target on a tree with an axe.

After rekindling their romance, the couple who first started dating in 2020 went to Hawaii in July.

When Jenner shared a video where he was seen in the background, Eagle-eyed supporters noticed the Phoenix Suns player had joined her and her friends on their vacation.

Booker also posted several pictures of themselves in Hawaii, confirming their trip.

After two years of dating, the couple decided to split in June, according to a source who told Page Six that they were deciding to concentrate on their careers.

Devin was not planning to propose marriage and his primary concern is his career, according to a source. Kendall's career also determines her life.

After two years, the source asked where is this going discussion. And since they were not moving forward, it was time to take a break, likely permanently.

However, their rumored breakup didn't seem to last long as they were spotted at Malibu House days after the incident.

The 818 Tequila creator later brought the professional athlete as her plus-one to a friends wedding.

The couple has been selective about their relationship, aside from liking each other's posts and posting holiday photos.

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