Tyler of Love Island: When Sereniti was snatched away, my heart broke

Tyler of Love Island: When Sereniti was snatched away, my heart broke ...

From the bottom of his broken heart.

Tyler Radz, who plays Sereniti Springs on Love Island USA, never anticipated that his relationship with Bria Bryant would result in his early departure from the Peacock reality show.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Radz discusses Springs' emotional reaction to their separation.

Bria, a bombshell who enlisted the help of her brother Chazz Bryant, was tasked with finding a girl while he handpicked a boy for her. Springs ended up with Chazz, a match that blindsided Radz, according to him, and left his love interest in tears.

I felt so sorry. But then, on the other hand, I dont want her to be that upset about me because I still want her to have the best experience and find what she wants, Radz says of his sudden separation from Springs.

It was definitely heartbreaking to witness her cry like that, and I wish I had gone back. I wish I would have had one more conversation with her before I left.

Both Radz and Zeta Morrison were left single after the crucial recoupling ceremony. Following that, the villa had to choose one vulnerable individual to save, which ultimately decided to keep OG Islander Morrison around.

I have no hatred towards them or anything. I can understand voting for Zeta. She has been there since she was born. We call you Mama Z for a reason, he recalls, insisting that he is with the casts decision.

I was just attempting to get myself mentally geared up for my leave.

Even after a romantic one-on-one date with Val Braggs, the first Islander to be dumped from the villa, Radz chose to marry Springs.

My mouth began to hurt as he smiled and laughed. I was just thinking in the back of my head, like, this is fantastic, says Sereniti of the palpable bond he felt during his beachside picnic with Springs.

Both were absolutely gorgeous girls at the end of the day. Sereniti just had that special side that I was instantly struck by.

Although Radz expects Springs to win the $100,000 at the end of the season either with Chazz or another boy, he is also optimistic that they will continue to bond as soon as she leaves the villa.

Tarzan Tyler, an Ohio native known to viewers for his luscious locks and chiseled physique, says he and Springs intend to reunite one day in her native New Orleans.

We have a feeling that we may be connected in some way to each other's lives. And when I left, I promised her I'd see her in Louisiana, according to the author.

I am certain she will win everything she wants. That would be wonderful for her. However, whether it's friendship or whatever the outcome, I'm looking forward to talking to her when she departs the house.

Sarah Hyland's Love Island USA program is available for download on Peacock. New episodes are released Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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