In the midst of a restraining order filing, Lisa Hochstein insults Lenny's girlfriends

In the midst of a restraining order filing, Lisa Hochstein insults Lenny's girlfriends ...

From here on out, things are only getting more shabby.

Lenny Hochstein's new girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, was chastised by Lisa Hochstein on Tuesday for requesting a ridiculous restraining order against her.

I am working with my attorney on a legal response to her ridiculous claims, which everybody knows are untrue, as made by the Real Housewives of Miami star, 40, who is accused to Page Six in a statement.

What a waste of their time and money.

According to People, Mazepa, 26, filed a restraining order against Lisa in July.

Lisa explains that Mazepas claims are untrue, saying that she is just trying to be a good mother and take care of her and her two children: Logan, 7 and Elle, 2.

Lenny spends his time and money on a European vacation, Im at home with our children, she claims.

Lenny, 56, claimed on Tuesday that Lisa was allegedly abusing their shared credit card to buy things for herself while he was away with Mazepa in Europe.

Last month the bill was nearly 60K, and this month she continued to abuse, including purchasing jewelry and outfits for herself, which placed the card over the limit just prior to my vacation, according to Lenny.

A source close to Lisa tells us that all charges were against her children, her legal expenses, or Lenny's own expenses.

Lisa accused Lenny of attempting to extort her in court papers obtained by Page Six earlier this week. She accused the self-proclaimed Boob God of retaliating by restricting [her] access to funds when she does not comply with all of [his] demands.

According to the records, the husband is currently on a no-expense-spared vacation with his presumed girlfriend to Europe. He has left the wife and children without cash, access to funds, and less than $3,000 in available credit on the combined credit card.

She also claims that Lenny verbally berates and threatens her in front of their children, allegations that Lenny has denied to Page Six.

It's quite the opposite when it comes to being berated. Lisa constantly attacks and berates me, according to a tweet.

I bought a second bedroom, and when that wasn't enough, I was forced to rent a flat. I'm trying my best to avoid conflict. I'm just a divorced person.

After being spotted out and about with Mazepa, Page Six broke the news that Lenny and Lisa were divorcing. Lisa then got into a fight with Mazepa when she confronted her at a nightclub in Miami. Days later, Lenny filed for divorce.

Lisa admitted to us that she was surprised by the split, and Mazepa denied that she or she were the cause of their separation.

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