Donald Glover Responds to Claims That Atlanta Is Only For White People

Donald Glover Responds to Claims That Atlanta Is Only For White People ...

The official teaser for the fourth and final season of Atlanta was just released on Tuesday, August 2nd, and some are of the opinion that the program is for white people. Series creator Donald Glover has responded to that sentiment.

Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen Glover, a show writer, spoke on Tuesday to address internet criticism that the program isnt for Black people. According to Deadline, Donald noted that everyone has an agenda.

If you're online, everybody's gonna have an agenda on some level. It's ridiculous to pretend that sometimes what people say doesn't impact you, because especially as Black, I feel that a lot of the Black criticism bothers me just because it sounds like [its from] Black people who don't realize what we've gone through.

Donald continued, "I don't think they give a lot of credit to what we've gone through." So to be like, "Oh, these Black people hate Black people," or these Black people hate Black women, I'm like, it's such a small view of who we are. It's possible that it's because of what you've gone through that you look at us the way you look at us.

Glover continued, before addressing previous allegations of transphobia against the show, which he also refuted.

The final season of Atlantas will air on September 15th, marking the culmination of a historic television run. Only time will tell how this season will be received, but Donald Glover made it clear that he is not producing a television program for one group of people.

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