Following Batgirl's cancellation, Michael Keaton's Batman future is in jeopardy

Following Batgirl's cancellation, Michael Keaton's Batman future is in jeopardy ...

After years of hardship for the DCEU at Warner Bros., things were finally looking up, with projects likeThe Suicide Squad andThe Batmanproving to be excellent WB films. And the future looked bright as well, with aShazam! sequel set for later this year, and The Flashon set for 2023 with Michael Keaton returning as Batman.

Keaton's return has been touted as a significant event for the DCEU as it seeks to expand into additional multiversal stories. The veteran DC actor has been rumored to help usher in a new era for the franchise, serving as a sort of guide in this new era of the DCEU.

All of this appears to be in jeopardy right now. The light that was supposed to point the way as DC fans shuffle in the dark, appears to be dimmer than many might have anticipated.

Keaton's Batman is being trimmed.

Before the DCEU even began, Micheal Keaton's future was in jeopardy.

The Caped Crusader of Kevin Keaton is still expected to appear in next year's The Flash, but his other two headlining stops have reportedly been canceled in a matter of days.

Ben Affleck was revealed earlier this week that he would reprise his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the next series of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This comes after months of speculation that Keaton would be the sole Batman in the series going forward, which seems to be extremely unlikely.

This comes in the same vein as the complete scuppering of Batgirl, a film directed by Michael Keaton who was set to play a mentor to Rose Leslie's Barbara Gordon.

WB has nothing to say about the actor's future in the franchise.

Warner Bros.'Caped Conundrum

Every time Warner Bros. has pointed the franchise in a direction, it has just as soon had to/wanted to turn it around 180 degrees.

There is nothing WB can do to prevent Ben Affleck from joining the cast of the franchise that would ultimately prove to be unlucky. However, no one could have guessed that this much misfortune would happen to one name in Hollywood.

As for Michael Keaton's future in the DCEU, it is unclear what the studio's intentions are exactly.

If, in fact, he is the glue that will keep DC's things together going forward, then one would expect the studio to include him in as many projects as possible. And maybe he is still in some. Fans have yet to seeShazam! Fury of the GodsandBlack Adam, and while there has been no reporting about the actor appearing in either, it might still be possible.

Plus,The Flash is a total wild card at this point. It is supposedly set to hit the reset button on the DCEU, so maybe Keaton can appear in that and then set up an even bigger future in the franchise.

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